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Oil Filter Changing...

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Quivorir, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, wanting to do my own basic services (oil changes, etc...) to save some (A lot) of money. I know how to do this, but was wondering if anyone knew of a video be it my 2011 CBR250 or an older one (surely cant be to different) just so I can see it done before I do it?


  2. umm youtube?
  3. can you see the filter ?? woudl it clear the fairings if you unscrewed it? If not would yo ujust need to remove lower fairings? you might need a 'strap' type of remover, when you replace it get one with a nut on the end so future removal is made easier.
  4. Most filters are put on around 24lbs.
    Maybe 22 on a proddy and I know it's 26 on a thou.
    That's very hand tight. Not spanner tight.
    If you are using a belt, then do it up as far as you can by hand and a half turn if your gay and have no wrists to tighten it.
    Really hand tight and a qtr turn is enough.
    You will just destroy the seal and make it harder to get the filter off the next time.
    Don't forget to dipyour finger in your new oil and rub it around the seal on your new filter just before you put it on.
    Just after you have tipped a little oil inot the filter to help prime it.
    Just look how it goes onto its spline and slap it on and turn. Have an oil tray under you in case someoil drips.
    Good on you mate for having a go. i think guys like you should be getting all the help.
    Ya gotta have a go at it.
    You might have to remove a fairing. I don't know. But if you do put the fairing screws that are an odd size back in the frame and not the fairing. They will fall out of the fairing andd there is always one or two screws that are a different length to the others.
    When you put it back on don't tighten any of the fairing screws till you have them all in. That way you can giggleit around and get all the gaps nice and even. Then do them up like you would the nuts on a car so the streess is evenly spread across the fairing and saving you some grief cracking one later on.
  5. Filters also tighten up quite a lot on the bike. It may take a bit of force to get it off but don't be tempted to use an equal amount of force putting it back on. Like bretto said not much more than hand tight ... if you don't have a torque wrench, personally, I would go with very hand tight, that is as tight as you can get it by hand without using a spanner.

    If you can get down to Saturday practice ask Doug to arrange a spanner day afterwards and have him show you how first
  6. Being a BRAND NEW bike there isnt much there. Thankfully I stumbled across a CBR site that had one.

    I needed to remove side fairing and under cowl.

    Its aight, I finally found someone with a torque wrench, no body had them in my area :S And got it all worked out. Quite easy really. Thanks for the help!
  7. Speaking of which I notice next week Aldi have a torque wrench on sale. Looks big so will barely on the scale at oil filter torques but a useful tool when you want to ensure you don't overdo it after you've had a big plateful of wheaties.
  8. The original bolts in the filter were crap, I dont know if oil weakens them or if oil even touches them (They shouldnt?) but one by one they all snapped.
  9. when you were undoing them or doing them up?
  10. Huh? On a brand new bike?

    Maybe you should get some professional help next time...
  11. Its nothing to do with me, they just seemed to be shit bolts. Changed the bolts and all is fine - Didnt even get to the right torque before they snapped.

    Doing them up
  12. Make sure your reading newtons and not foot pounds
  13. Yeah, was def on Newtons
  14. Strange

    Sounds like a dodgy batch of bolts.
  15. Thats why you buy a japanese made bike not a thai made bike