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oil filter change - vtr 250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Aaron, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Ok so my first oil filter change on any thing, got it off , easy as but I noticed the old oil filter had a little metal washer.

    Now Im trying to figure out wether this washer sits on top or bottom of the filter.

    Metal washer facing the ground or facing the top of the filter.

    Also my filter came with two little rubber washer the big one is obvious but wouldnt have a clue where this small one goes.

    Is it possible to screw up a oil filter change so bad ?
  2. Those rubber washers are O rings, the big one, like you say is pretty obvious. The tricksy little one goes on the centre tube bit, down at the baseplate. May even go between base/cover plate and the tube, look around down there and you'll find it. As for the other steel washer, just look at the wear marks on it and line them up with where it came from and you'll get it round the right way.
  3. Hmm, didnt end up putting that small 0-Ring in, after taking the old one out I didnt see an old small 0-ring any place.

    So I put it in minus the small one, have I cocked ?

    whats the worst the could happen ?
  4. Should be ok....the original one will still be in place and is probly just fine, but as a general rule you should replace soft seals like O rings when you disassemble the parts they seal, 'specially when the part is the lowest point on your bike and its keeping the engine oil in....

    Worst? Amazing catostrophic unlikely failure of lower O ring, right when your on the limiter on a huge corner at 140kph, all your oil spurts out onto the road, you seize the engine, lock the rear tyre, and well, use your imagination :shock:

    but, probably not :D
  5. I did my first oil change on my '00 vtr250 the other day. Just for other newbies - the little O ring goes around the bolt/tube with the thread on it. If you hold on to the base plate and push the tube from the threaded end through the base plate you will ease the tube and base plate apart revealing the whereabouts of the little O ring.

    I finished up putting in 2.1 litres of oil which perhaps up to 100ml too much. Next time I won't be cracking open a second 2 litre container.
    A sticker near the sump had 2.1l marked on it as well as another figure 1.9l I think so I figured they referred to the volume with and without a filter change.

    I'd be interested in knowing the torque settings for the 12mm oil filter bolt/tube and the 17mm sump drain plug.
  6. I know it's an old thread, but thought I'd answer Duncanp's question above re: torque settings, just in case someone does a search and needs the info. (This thread came up in a search I did for such)...

    Service manual has it as :

    Oil filter centre bolt - 18N.m (1.8kgf-m)
    Oil drain bolt - 29N.m (3.0kgf-m)

    And amts of oil to use:

    Oil change - 1.9 litres
    Oil filter change - 2.1 litres
    Total capacity - 2.4 litres.

    Hope that's of help to anyone. :)
  7. Hi everyone, i was wanting to change the oil filter and oil in my vtr250 but have no idea where it is and where to start. Any help?

    A workshop manual would be great also

  8. PM me your email address and I'll send you a copy of the workshop manual.
  9. i found a workshop manual

    cheers but