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Oil Filter and lost Metal Washer

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by AlbieQ, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Hi all, I seem to be on a roll with my maintenance Qs now that I've started poking around my bike.

    So as the title suggests I was changing my oil filter and putting in a new one when i realised I didn't have that little metal washer with me. I looked for it everywhere, especially on the old filter itself because I know it tends to get stuck there, but nope no luck. So after a while I gave up and just installed and put back the new oil filter - without the damn metal washer. Now I'm paranoid about what can/could happen. I've asked my mechanic and he reckons the worst thing would prob just be a small leak and a shorter life for the filter. I plan on changing my oil and filter every 6000ish ks or so - so should I be concerned at all? And if i should be concerned, where would I get a metal washer from (it seems like such a stupid (but important?) small thing to buy).

    -Thanks all,
    P.s: For reference the bike is a 09 ninja 250 :). (dont laugh)

  2. The washers are normally pretty easy to find. Just gotta know what the dimensions are. Mcas, any automotive place (supercheap etc.) or even go to a kawai dealer.
  3. I recently bought one for a Honda, I think it cost about two dollars. Just go to whoever you normally source Kawasaki parts from (ie the dealership?) and let them look up the part on their computer system.

    If you couldn't find the washer, chances are that it was never there when you took the filter out. It was probably lost during one of the bike's previous filter changes.

    A lot of bikes are running around without these washers (the spring just presses straight into the base of the filter). I wouldn't worry too much about it, but you might as well replace the washer next time you change the oil.