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oil filler cap security

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. is there any alternative to the finger friendly version that comes standard on a motorcycle?

    i'm not talking alarms. just a cap that is not as easy to remove than the one i have now.

    i can just picture some prick pouring salt, sand, whatever just cus they can.

    something like this would be nice:



  2. That unit looks interesting. There's a Touratech dealer in Vic advertising in the AMCN. I wonder if they deal in Wunderlich.
  3. I'm sure you could buy one of those things, but the sad fact is that anyone could seriously tamper with most of a bike's mechanics much more easily than they could with a car.

    They could easily cut through brake lines, remove the radiator cap, open the brake bleeding screw, pour coke into your exhaust...
  4. Perhaps you could do as the racers do and lock wire it. That way you'll probably know if someone's been tampering with it.
  5. coke down the exhaust! guess the only way i'd know about that is if i roll a cple of mentos down there just for kicks:p

    yep, i know bikes are very easy to tamper with.

    pre-ride inspections should uncover any nasties. it's just the nasties that i can't see is abit of a worry.

    it's just a pre-emptive measure. i currently have no enemies;)
  6. There are oil caps that require allen keys on ebay if you want to have a looksee.
  7. care to share the link?

    i'm unable to locate:(

  8. that's never come across my mind: the idea that someone is going to put crap into your oil sump is just crazy! I really do hope there are no idiots that do this
  9. tis one of the things your going to have to deal with just like coming back to your bike and finding some F&$KWIT sitting on it... thats happened to me before.
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  11. cheers.

    that seems to work.

    not exactly pocket change, though.