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Oil filler cap gone missing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kernel, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Well I was on the freeway on the way home from work this afternoon when I noticed that it looked like a bit of smoke was coming out from the rear of my bike. Sometimes it was there, sometimes it was not. I figured it might be coming from my exhaust since I pulled a few back fires on purpose from it, so I pulled over, looked at it and gave my bike a few revs. Nothing, so I kept going.After a little while I noticed another sound accompanying the exhaust note, it was like a low pitched humming that changed pitch with engine revs.Anyway when I got home, I saw smoke coming out of the right hand side of my bike in the area of the brake line, so I thought I was leaking brake fluid. Then I noticed my oil filler cap missing.All over my right boot and right shin:
    Oil over the side panel, foot peg, and on the ground. Notice anything missing?(No I haven't replace the oil cooler crash guard yet)

    Oil over the swing arm, the brake line and the exhaust mounting point:


    The local suzuki dealer wants 15 bucks for the oil filler cap and a bit less than 3 bucks for the oring. =\
    I guess it's not too bad, 18 bucks compared to 20-30 bucks plus shipping for an aftermarket fancy one.
  2. lol is that oil on the rear in the last pic? unlucky dude, enjoy cleaning that rubber :/
  3. Lucky your not dead
  4. so i've gotta ask...

    how'd it come off/out?
  5. Hey nice way to shine the boots Kernel.
    When did you last top the oil ?? and where ?? They don't just fall out mate lol
    Did you look there for your cap.
  6. Please explain?

    $18 is a cheap lesson.
  7. Yeah, I'll have fun cleaning the oil of the rubber if there's any on the part of the tyre that comes in contact with the groud :\


    I have no idea, either someone took it off while the bike was parked because they're jerks, or it worked itself loose and fell out. I screwed it in all the way last time I changed the oil, maybe I didn't do it up tight enough.

    A couple of weeks ago, at my house.

    Fun trick to pull in a tunnel.
  8. lockwire is your friend if you ride single cylinder bikes on the road all the time.
  9. And now I know why some of the after market ones have holes for locking wire. Yikes.
  10. Yeah I'll safety wire it up.
  11. do you know how to do it correctly? do you have lockwire pliers? they make the job look very neat
  12. Google is my friend.
  13. Safety wire the oil too. That way next time you lose the cap you won't lose the oil.
  14. Lawl.
  15. not possible to work loose unless it was not tightened properly.

    very lucky you got home in one piece.
  16. It seems unlikely that it would rattle loose, let alone without you noticing. Sounds like someone who needed a new oil cap decided to take yours.
  17. The same thing happened to me. I parked my bike on the street (vfr750 at that time) at that time and was sure that I hadn't left it loose. I found it off after a 5km commute, my boot was covered with oil as well but nothing else.

    I always suspected foul play.
  18. Ive done my oil cap up just under finger tight and it worked itself loose over a few days. Luckily for me i didnt lose the cap before i noticed.
  19. Yeah I didn't do mine up enough once after servicing and ended up with a super-waterproof boot. It still sheds water superbly one year later.

    I only noticed as I wondered why my right foot was getting warm, looked down and saw the shiny boot.

    It was completley my own fault.