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OIL Filled bike after dropping it.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Schiller, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. The other day my bike (99 vtr 250) feel over durring the night so was on its side for 8 hours or so at a 100degree angle was leaning down a slope.
    Anyway took some effort to get it to kick over got a max speed of 60km/h. In order to get it working again I have changed oil and filter, first thing noticed was only had 600ml or so to empty out, should be 2L in there. Bike was still running like crap had a look at the air filter and as soon as I opened it up had heaps of oil start coming out of the cassing. changed the spark plugs as well as they were coated in oil and not working.
    Now my bike appears to be running fine... Accept when I finneshed testing it today after turning the bike off the muffler kept smoking and was very very hot for how much had ridden it maybe 2 min the engin was only slightly warm.
    I am worried that the extra oil in engin will do damage while it burns it self out. Should I worry about this? If so what else can be done to get my bike working again safely.
    A friend suggested cleaning it out with metho through the engin. No Idea how I would go about this and am a little worried to try it.
    ANy feed back would be great thanks.

  2. You shouldn't have ridden the bike without checking the oil :cry:

    Did you also change the air filter??

    All should be fine DON"T PUT ANY METHO ANYWHERE
  3. Yes I regret ridding it straight up without looking at the oil.
    I have changed the air filter out. Was compleatly black from oil.
    The Metho Idea sounded alittle wrong to me as well so I will keep it well away from my bike then.
    Well I guess it is time to get back on my bike and ride it to work I just will take it alittle easy on the thing till the exhaust stops smoking after I get off
  4. Metho is used in a tank that has suspect moisture in the fuel.
  5. you could try some of that overpriced kero they call engine flush. stick it in and turn it over for about 2 minute on the slowest idle you can hold. let it sit for a few hours and then drain it. if the oil has made its way into the cylinders and into the carbs you will need to clean them out also.. magic spray will do that.
    the pipe smoke may have been oil that got into the cylinders that is in the exhaust and is being slow roasted..
    patience is what is needed