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Oil drain washer for GPX250

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by alwayseric, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. i am going to do the oil change for my ages old GPX250 (2006) by myself (very first time!) I have everything ready except the washer. I know you don thave to change the washer every time, but considering it is my first time and the oil has never been changed since i got the bike. i wanna do a "proper" one. the question is i am not sure where i can buy the washers. I have never dealt with and dont want to deal with the dealer. I wonder if the wash is a standard size which i can find either in Bunnings or SCA?

    thanks in advance.
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    supercrap or repco. It can be copper/brass, noylon, aluminium or polymer.

    But if the plug and sump surfaces are clean and flat and they haven't been over tightened, then you can probably get away without.
  3. They'll literally be a couple of dollars from a dealer and they'll have no problem selling you one. I'd just get it from there that way you know it will fit right. Definitely wouldn't risk an oil leak to save a dollar or two. I don't understand the disdain for the dealer parts counter at all.
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  4. Make sure you start the plug into the thread with your finger, so you do not cross thread it.
  5. Even my local stealership only charged me a dollar for a washer. Mind you they stung me three times the price of the filter.
  6. The only time I've ever used a new washer was when I put in a new (magnetic) drain plug. Other than that, so long as you don't ever tighten them, they can be reused plenty.
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  7. Do people actually start bolt and nuts in the socket? Surely nobody does that.
  8. U can change that washer ? I never have in probably 200 oil changes with no problem
  9. Happens more than you'd like to think ... like when you get new tyres on your car and they're re-mounting the wheels.
    I always do any nut or bolt up finger tight first and make sure it's turning properly before putting a ratchet etc on it. I'd rather take ten seconds longer than spend hours repairing stripped threads.
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  10. Yeah the only thing I could think of was race car wheel
  11. Way back when I used to change the oil on the young fella's GPX250 and the genuine oil filter came with a new sump plug washer in the box, might pay to just have a quick look in the box?
  12. i got my after market filters from MCA which come with two o-rings. i guess i will reuse the washer this time.
  13. i finally changed the oil last weekend. it was much easier than i had thought. however there are a couple of issues:

    1. when removed the drain plug, i noticed there was NO washer at all. i guess the previous owner probably lost it. i didnt buy a washer either. anyway it never leaked.
    2. i added only approx 1.5l oil instead of 1.9l. i was warned not to over fill the engine oil. 1.5l is already close to the maximum level.
    3. the changed oil smelt terrible and i noticed there was some white polymer-looking stuff in the oil.
    4. the large o-ring basically couldnt fit into the gasket. it is like 2-3mm too long.....

    anyway so far so good, i will find a good day to ride the bike to the university. (20km and cross the city...... pressure....)
  14. The white polymer stuff could be water. It mixes with the oil and goes like that. At this time of year it's not uncommon to get consensate in the oil. If it's just condensate it will work it's way out with longer and more regular riding. Keep an eye on it, however, because it could be a head gasket leak.

    The filter o-ring was probbably right. You need to work the extra back out of it by thumbing it back into the groove away from the loop.