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Oil dipstick buggered

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by dbrain, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Hey!

    Mostly a rant, questions at bottom.. I bought my bike from Peter Stevens Dandenong about 2 months ago. The salesman told me it would have it's first service before I got it. Book has not been marked, the coolant is nearing the min line, so I'm assuming he flat out lied to me.

    Anyway, after seeing the above I thought I better check the oil as well. The manual wanted me to check it on a warm engine, so I rode it for a bit. Twist the dip stick out, the oil is splattered all over it, so I'm assuming the riding bounced it around, wiped it off, tried to twist it in.. wouldn't go in. Take it back out, try again.. still no good.
    The plastic twisty thread on the plastic little dipstick thing has fcuked itself (well I'm sure I helped, but I didn't twist it very hard). So grumpy, was mid ride and wanted to keep going, but turned around back home.

    If the dipstick is not in properly (but wont just fall out), can the loose seal do any damage / prevent the oil doing its job (pressure?)
    Is this a common thing? Think it'd be a hard problem getting it replaced?

    Trying not to play with it too much, think the plastic is just tearing now and don't want it to get in the oil.

  2. The dipstick being in or out won't make any difference to the oil pressure. If it leaks, however, you've got a nasty problem. Either way you need to get a new one.
    I've never heard of anyone breaking their dipstick before. It should be an easy enough part to order. If you're asking how hard it would be to get Peter Stevens to replace it, I have no idea. If you're not happy with their service or have concerns the salesman may not have been straight with you, go talk to the sales manager.
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  3. I broke my dipstick once
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  4. Ah, thanks! I plan on getting a new one ASAP, I just wasn't sure if it made it unrideable or would cause issues if I rode it.

    Everything I touch turns to broken. It was more "finding that part" in general, than pressuring them to give me a freebie.
    I'm way too lazy for that. At most I'll try to get the "service" they told me it would get for free.
  5. Did you have it in a splint for long?
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  6. How did you break it?
  7. Personally I wouldn't ride it till it was fixed properly, just in case. It shouldn't take too long to get a new one.
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  8. prolly not long enough
  9. trying to put it where it don't belong
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  10. That'll do it all right.
  11. Thanks, yeah I'll take that advice. Just frustrating. Surely they could have made it a metal thread :(
  12. I would rather the tread on the plastic fcuked out than the thread on the case
    anyways just put a lick of silicon or gasket goo on the thread until you get a new one
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  13. Ok, didn't think of that one. Switch "metal thread" to "stronger plastic".
    I can manipulate the thread of this with my fingernail with little to no force.. maybe I got a bung dipstick.
  14. how olds the bike?
  15. It's an ex-demo 2014 Street Triple Baby Edition (660). So I'd imagine less than a year? Sitting at 700km, 200km of those are mine.
  16. sounds like you crossed the thread when sticking it in
    be a bit more careful next time
    you don't want it to get infected
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  17. Funny, $50~ for a dipstick by the time it gets here. Maybe I should have bought a Hyosung ;)
    Will see what PS spare parts say tomorrow.
  18. check the wreckers
  19. Probably, I was playing with it at an angle, trying to balance the bike while messing with the dipstick (book says to to check it while upright). I don't think I tried to force it too much when it initially didn't twist, but obviously enough to make it, and me, sad.
  20. Ah good idea. I'll call around tomorrow. Thanks!