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oil cooler line

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by qbnspeedfreak, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. just a quick question and answers asap would be appreciated

    i done a oil change on another members bike this evening, and don't ask my how but i undone the oil cooler line instead of the sump plug

    my question is, just doing the bolt back up, is that correct, i mean you don't need to align like two arrows or anything up? the bike in question is a 05 zx6r and the cooler line is similar to the brake line at the front master cylinder wear the bolt goes through the center of the line, and the oil flows through the bolt and out two holes in the side of it, into the oil line???

    answers will be much appreciated thank you in advance

  2. Just do the bolt back up and check that it does not leak when the engine is running.
  3. yep done that, just wanted to make sure, thanks for that
  4. Not leaking when running this morning... no leaks at all once I got to work


    Oh and look at that... I've upgraded to an '05 model WOOOHOOOO my dreams are coming true :LOL:

  5. :LOL: mel, thought you might like that, oops my bad 95, why do the put the keys so close together :LOL:
  6. mel, just thinking you may need to pour the rest oif that oil in, check the level this afternoon, rmemeber i drained one of the oil cooler lines so it will actually need more then the 3600mls
  7. I checked the level this morning after riding into work (and giving it time to all drain back down a bit) and it is good!