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Oil Consumption

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by port80, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. I'm trying to figure out exactly where I'm at with the amount of oil my bike is consuming and if I should be concerned or not. Knowledgeable input appreciated.

    Up until recently I have been changing oil every 4-5000 kms with 15w50 Motul 5100 / Shell VSX4. I haven't needed to top up the oil level much between changes except after a track day. The bike didn't appear to be using much oil, engine and gearbox felt fine.

    About 4500kms ago (50,000kms on odo) I tried Delo 400 15w40 ( I couldn't find 15w50 ). I used a genuine Honda oil filter - $26 OUCH! The engine immediately felt a bit freer, the gear box felt good also.

    Almost 1000kms later I did the track day (oil level before was fine) and didn't think to check oil level for a couple of weeks later when I noticed it was low. I put nearly half a litre in at this point (52,000 on odo.

    With roughly 53,500 on the odo I again topped up the oil with another few hundred ml.

    I checked the oil last night (54,500) and the oil was at the mid to low level. Meanwhile the engine feels nice and smooth, no trouble starting. The gearbox is feeling better than ever - I barely need the clutch except to take off.

    In summary I've put in an extra litre of oil over the 4,500kms interval. It's a lighter weight than I usually use - 15w40 Vs 15w50. The bike doesn't leak any oil.

    Ideas, thoughts?
  2. A lower viscosity oil will tend to migrate through the engine a bit easier which will sometimes present a marginal consumption increase.

    1 litre in 5,000km is nothing to worry about.
  3. My completely unfounded thoughts is that a thinner oil will burn off more easily than a thicker one, get past the rings etc, etc.

    As long as it not leaking & you keep the oil up, should be no problems. Apart from a lighter wallet.

  4. Thanks for the input. I don't mind having to keep an eye on the level / topping up throughout the interval as the Delo is 50% the cost of Motul/Shell. Also the gearbox has never felt better. I guess I'll just monitor the situation.
  5. Have a comp test done, go from there if necessary.
  6. The new oil could have just broken down more from the track day. w40 to w50 wont make that much of a difference in consumption

    I say for interests sake, monitor oil usage after an oil change. The new oil may not have the same viscosity index as the others, and the higher temps/ pressures of the track day could have pushed the oil polymers beyond their limit.

    what I am getting at is at high temp, the oil is thinner than it was pre track day.
  7. While your "consumption" is not excessive you could always switch back at the next change and see what the consumption is.

    I'd suggest the current oil cant handle the high temps of track work in your particular engine state.
  8. Even the Motul & Shell needed to be topped up after a track day. They just didn't need to be topped up (certainly not very much) during normal use.

    I have another bottle of Delo ready to go into the bike, so I'll give it another round. Then switch back to a 'motorcycle oil' in Jan / Feb.
  9. There is nothing wrong. This is normal.
  10. Different oils have increased cleaning additives, which when put through an engine with a few k's on it can dramatically increase oil consumption even if you switch back to the old oil. Prob normal though, high revs will burn it off (be it through crank venting or past the rings). 50cc's per hour on mine.