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Oil Condensation

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Wondering if anyone makes a full synth oil thats resistent to absorbing water. How much condensation in oil would be considered bad?

    I'm currently running Shell 15W-40 and have noticed slight cloudines in the site glass. I dont think the Mobil in the RF900R did this.

    Oil is 2k old.
  2. OK I'm confused. what's happening? You have water sitting on top of your oil in the sight glass?

    If so this has nothing to do with the oil, but rather the bike, the weather and the way you ride it.
  3. My point is it didnt happen with the RF900R, it doesnt happen to the ZZR. Both these bikes run/ran Mobil. The mineral shell didnt do it on the Bandit either.

    Weekend rides are often 200 - 400km. Weekday rides are 10km each way.

    My question was and still is are some oils more prone to condensation that others as the Bandit engine design runs cool oil (which should be a good thing) if so I'll make some changes for next winter.

    I think I'll do a mid change back to Mobil and see what happens but we are coming to the end of winter.
  4. having a water resistant oil won't help you if you have water in the system.

    is it a water-cooled engine? if so, you could have a leaky gasket.
  5. Is the water separate or emulsified?
  6. Thanks ibast. Still separate and apparently not uncommon for the 1250 Bandit going by some US examples. :eek:

    I imagine cars would be worse if only used on short trips but they don't have a site glass so you cant see it. :)

    I'll dump it and start again.

    junglist - Not coolant :wink:
  7. I don't think you'll see much difference between oils as whether or not condensation forms is much more to do with engine temperature and climatic conditions than with oil formulation. The condensation happens in the air spaces in your engine, not in the oil itself. Once it manifests itself in the oil, it's already formed, if you see what I mean.

    I think your issue is really the 10 km commute. I don't know what the Bandit is like, but my own air/oil cooled 1100 has only just reached normal operating temp after that distance on open roads on a cool morning. It certainly hasn't been hot enough for long enough to boil off the overnight condensation.

    If you give the bike a good run every weekend, I can't see it becoming a problem in the short/medium term. If it were me, I'd shorten the oil change intervals (does the handbook give an interval for "arduous" conditions?) and, if I was going to be letting the bike stand for any length of time (>week) I'd at least give it a good thrash beforehand, and might consider changing the oil if the interval was nearly up.
  8. +1 Pat

    Unlikely, but just as a precaution, have a quick look at your engine breather hose - if blocked it can stop the water vapour being forced out of the engine as it boils off. Or it may be letting water in....