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oil colours?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by henno, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. i am a total newb when it comes to servicing a motorcycle or anything to do with the workings of one. So here is my question...i had my 18000k service done the other day(oil and filter change) and i have seen through my oil inspection hole that the colour really hasn't changed.it is dark in colour. i was looking at a couple of bikes today at another bike repairer(got a new rear tyre) and noticed on the bikes that were being serviced out the back had a yellow oil, well... clear oil. are there different oils that can be used in bikes???

  2. yellow oil goes in
    then it very quickly turns into black oil and then it just gets darker

    iits probaly the bikes u seen just had their oils changed havnt been run yet and the oil hasnt had a chance to turn black.

    if u really wana know u can taste it with the tip of ur tongue
  3. Black oil is good as it means the detergents in the oil are removing the sludge from the engine and suspending it inside the oil. If they put in black oil or didn't change the oil I would be worried. It takes a little use for the yellow oil to change to a darker colour, well at least in my car anyway....
  4. Your new oil should be a lighter colour for a couple of hunderd k's at least.
    Hope you didnt get ripped.
  5. well i did check it when i left the mechanics and it did seem a little lighter but not much difference at all.
  6. thx for the tip!
  7. let me know what it taste like
  8. i always use some oil to fill her up, ride couple of hundred kays, drain, then refill... thius gets rid of all the steel fragments and grime before filling up with new oil... maybe thats y i got 160000kms out of a spada with 2 major services.
  9. zbike it was quite tangy, a little on the sour side but all in all not too bad. i recommend it to all! :p
  10. You'll be lucky!

    Mine doesn't stay a lighter colour for more than a trip to work and back (70k, roughly). Mind you, it does depend on how much you work the bike.
  11. It shouldnt just go BLACK after 70k's. I did say "lighter colour". :)