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Oil choice for an 05 GPX250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Scottatron, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Hello all,

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good oil to use in an 05 GPX250? I believe something along the lines of a synthetic would be a good choice, yes? What about Magnatec?
  2. I wouldn't bother with putting full synthetic into a 250, not really worth it (though oil being the contentious topic it is, no doubt someone will disagree with me).

    Magnatec is an oil made specifically for cars and contains friction modifiers, not a good thing in a bike. Could cause clutch slippage and overall crappy gear selection.

    Something in the way of Castrol Activ 4T which is fairly cheap should do just fine. Look in the owners manual for recommendations in grade/type (e.g. 10W-40, 20W-50 etc).
  3. Castrol Active 4T is what I was putting in mine - tough next oil change I might look around for something even cheaper. From all I read on the GPX250s as long as the oil doesn't contain friction modifyers it should be okay...
  4. Thanks guys!
  5. yea i use castrol active 4t in mine but i have used shell advance s4x or something pretty much shells equivalent... they seem to work fine the most important thing is to keep the changes happening.
  6. I'm not keen on the Shell. It worked fine in the Honda but the gear box in the ER-5 didn't like it. It also amplified the typical jump forward some Kawasakis tend to have when they are clicked into 1st after a cold start.

    I switched to Motul 5000 and found the jump nearly dissapeared completely (no more needing to hold the clutch for 30sec during the warm up :grin: ). It also made the gear changes noticably smoother and was in much better condition than the shell at the end of each 3000km. :)
  7. Mate AGIP is a great oil. And i also happen to sell it at my work. If you are interested shoot me a pm and ill get you a price..
  8. From your experience, does semi-syn oil do that much for 250 bikes? the VTR been running dino-oil up till now at 20k km..I wat think going semi-syn.

    I don't need long drawn out debate and I know there are other threads but FROM EXPERIENCE does it make a difference?
  9. Semi synthetic is obviously better then full mineral oil. Cooler operating temps, longer viscosity life, and will actually keep the internals cleaner allowing your engine to run smoother. If you plan on keeping the bike, yes go the semi synthetic, If you will be selling it soon, save your bucks and go for a normal mineral oil.
  10. Thanks once again all.

    Seany: I checked the Motul site, and cannot see 5000 - there is 4000 and 5100?

    At this stage, I do intend on keeping the bike for a while, so I do wanna take care of it.

    What about Mobil, such as MOBIL EXTRA 4T 10W-40 ?

    So, the best option/s would be semi synthetic, 10W-40 yes?
  11. Yeah, it's not on the website and I have no idea why. I get it from Redwing. It's $43.90 for 4L which is about $10 cheaper than the 5100.
    I don't know what the Mobil's like so can't comment but yeah, I'd say good quality semi synth oil changed regularly (every 3000-5000km depending on your finances) with a new filter every second change would be ideal.
  12. You're a good man Seany, thanks for the advice.