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oil change

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by HILLY, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. hey every one this might sound dumb but where is the oil filter on the cbr250rr?? :wink:

  2. If you have the owners manual of the CBR250RR it should have it in there.
  3. That's odd.

    I'd have thought it would be attached to the bike somewhere :p.

    Seriously though, Honda tend to put the filter in the centre of the front of the crankcase, right where it'll collect grot from the front wheel.

    Manual is good advice.
  4. Try this link to a workshop manual:

  5. There is a filter. From memory that they changed it for me in my last service.
  6. im pretty sure its a metal type on the front of the sump, like said, where it will collect all manner of shit. make sure you clean around it first. you dont want foreign material getting into the sump. youll need an oil filter removal tool get it off, and to get it back on. universal (crappy, but will still do the job) ones can be had from repco for about 15 bucks.

  7. CBR's use a drop in cartridge

    look on the bottom of the sump, see big bolt , unscrew, filter within
  8. thanks i will have a go soon :grin: