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Oil Change

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by murphy0987, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. I just changed the oil in my GPX250 on my own for the first time. All went well, however I do have one question. In the manual it says that my bike takes 1.9L of oil. When I filled it, I first filled it towards the top of the sight glass, started the bike to get the oil into the oil filter, and then checked it again. I topped it up to the top of the sight glass again, and now I think there is enough oil in it. However, I only put in approx 1 and 3/4L of oil in it . It is at the top of the sight glass.

    The last time I had the oil changed was by my mechanic, and I measured the oil roughly in my oil change pan, and it looked to be about 1.9L so I not sure. The oil always covered all of the sight glass and I couldnt see the level less I tilted the bike a little.

    I was just wondering of i should leave it at the current level, or fill a little more to make it 1.9L?
  2. Level is usually marked on or at the side of the sight glass.
    Set level to this.
    Check it b4 you ride for the first few days in case there is an air bubble in there
    You are talking a 15mil difference, nothing really, 3 teaspoons
  3. It is actually approx 150ml difference.
  4. Bah, murphy beat me to it.

    But if you are checking it according to the owners manual (probably something like: level ground, bike held vertical or on centre stand, run for a few minutes to fill filter, wait a few minutes for oil to drain back down) and the oil is within spec then all is well.

    Make sure you check it correctly, and don't overfill it just to get the 'right' amount in - too much oil can be worse than not enough.
  5. did you change the oil filter?

  6. Eeeek, what was I thinking?. Sorry guys.

    That said I wouldn't be worried over 150mil either.
  7. There is also a small amount of oil that is still in the engine when drained.
    They usually quote figures for:
    1. Oil change without filter
    2. Oil change with filter
    3. Oil change after rebuild.

    As others said, use the sight glass when keeping bike vertical to guage the right amount.
  8. Did you run the bike a bit after the change and then checked the level? Do this especially if you've done the filter (as you should anyway).

    On my old gpx250 it'd probably suck down 150ml in a couple of weeks anyway :p
  9. OK, thanks for all your input.
    I did change the oil filter, and ran the bike a few times to make sure the level was right.

    So does that mean that the mechanic last time over filled the oil? I say this because i could never see the actual level of the oil in the sight glass, it was always full of oil, unless I titlted the bike towards the stand side . This was the same for both oil changes I had done (two different mechanics). I didnt really think anything of it, just assumed that the mechanics would know best. I just wondering if the mechanics just put the 1.9L in the bike and be done with it.
  10. It is possible that they just put in the measured amount, without looking at sight glass.
    Always pays to give a quick check over after you have had any work done by someone else, for instance, if you have tyres changed, check that the nuts are done up, e.t.c.
  11. I have the same engine as you murphy, and have never put 1.9 litres in nor got 1.9 litres out. After 26,000 kms mine's still working. Don't worry about it.

    Also, as Sooty hinted at, this engine seems to consume a bit of oil if you regularly rev to 12,000 rpm or more, or travel at 130 kph or more. Best to check it every 1,000 km if that's the case.