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Oil change...well sorrtof

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by vOOdsy, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Well, decided to do an oil change on the Spada today.

    Sump bolt off, albeit a gentle persuasion. Sweat, warm oil trickling down hand and into the catch pan.

    Next, filter cover bolt off....WRONG! Half an hour later still struggling, sweating and bolt slightly stripped. So I decided to wave the white flag and call my bike mechanic. He informed me that, yes they can get a bit tight especially due to the o-ring. He suggested that a good fitting socket and a long handle should do the trick.

    Hmmm...seems I can't get to the shops for a while, so i decided to replace the oil but leave the old oil filter in there momentarily. Is this really bad??

    Btw, can anyone recommend a good socket set (one that has a long handle)?? it will be much appreciated.
  2. No, no-harm done just not as much good done as if you'd replaced it.
  3. Not sure if what you mean is that the head has rounded off a bit - a hexagon with radiused corners - or that the bolt is turning in the hole without screwing out (stripped thread)

    If its the latter, I don't wan't to be a pessimist, but when a steel bolt screws into an alloy thread, the part that's going to give is the alloy. Be really careful taking out the bolt if it is a stripped thread.

    Before too much more advice heads your way, might be worth clarifying what's happened because my answer will be very different in each case, and I'd hate to make the situation worse.
  4. Thx novacoder, i think i need to hit the gym.

    Chairman, it's the head that's slightly stripped on the corners NOT the thread. Trust me, i couldn't get it to budge. The head is not stripped much tho.
  5. get yourself a GATORGRIP socket from bunnings (its a 6-19mm multi socket with steel pins inside) it will remove even a rounded bolt, and you also need a 18" breaker bar (long bar with socket connection on end) sometimes called a flex bar.
  6. A decent torque wrench can also be handy for getting tight bolts undone due to its length and should prevent future problems by making sure they don't go back in too tight.
  7. Changing your oil and not changing your filter at the same time is at waste of time and oil. When you put you new oil in , it will just flush all the crap out of it and back in to you engine! I't shouldn't doo any damage, but I owned a spada and know how sensitive the engines in them are. Also make sure that the oil level is right too much and it will run rough. If you have any more mech. questions feel free to ask.
  8. Bollocks!!
    Just make sure it has nothing to do with how an oil filter works.
  9. Hey!!! I did the same thing....... 3 years ago and I STILL haven't gotten the damn thing off :oops: :oops: :shock: :roll:
  10. mmm thinking of a service i just checked mine thinking I dont nead one for some time as it was done in may last year just checked my speedo oh my god ive done 14000ks since then (8mths)
    *** thinks where i have been *** and now i nead a new rear tyre got 24000ks out of this one anyone know where a good place is?? I have been quoted from $275 to $297.00 plus fitting :( cheers
  11. Ummm nup :oops:
    Unless of course the couple of friends that looked after it and "tidied" it up for me when I went to California (July 2003) did it for me :D
    I think it's due tho ;)
  12. WTf flipper...are u saying that in 3 years your are using the same oil filter?? :shock:

    I'm afraid to ask about the oil now... :wink:
  13. My rule of thumb is to change the oil filter evry 3rd oil change, and change the oil every 3000kms.
  14. hmmm... my NSR chews up about a litre of engine oil every 2 or 3 petrol fillups. SO I'm frequently topping it up. I'd dare say, at filter change time, my engine oil will probably still look brand new :LOL:
  15. ... hook, line & sinker :LOL: ... well almost