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Oil change on a Honda Spada

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Cheeba, May 27, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know how much oil would be required for an oil change on a Spada with a new oil filter put in also? I just did my bike so wanted to do my GFs too but I don't have a manual to see how much to put in. Thanks in advance :)

  2. filter change 2.1L
    oil change no filter 1.9L
  3. about 2.1L yeah. put in 2L, then check the sight glass as you go. once within the range on the sight glass, give it a start, wait till the oil light is off, then give it a rev, run the oil about a bit. turn it off and let sit for at least 2min. then check the sight again. fair chance you will need to top up a tiny bit more now. top up as much as needed, and you're done :)
  4. Excellent, thanks guys :)
  5. Can you give me a reference number and brand for the oil filter you're using mate? A lead on where to get them would be great, too :)
  6. Legion, this site gives the info you may want. http://shop.wemoto.com/index.dyn?oid=25053 It's from the UK but you can use it as a reference point to locate what you're after locally.

    Oil for my Spada, I use the Honda HP4 10w40 synthetic oil. Costs around $15 but you'll be able to find generic/name brands ones for less. Try your local bike shops.
  7. Recently dug this stuff up myself so thought I'd share
    vtr250 / spada oil filter
    K&N number "KN-111"
    FRAMS CH6007


    I got K&N's delivered from these guys, they were friendly & quick
    There's no online shop but I just rang and did the CC over the phone
    I think they were ca. $15 ea. + postage
    Which is probably more expensive than others? But then they're "K&N" (which to be honest I'm not sure I need)
  8. I will check for you from home mate but I got it at Race Replica in Brooklyn, just off Geelong Road - they are really good guys in there; Troy is very helpful.
  9. Hi Legion - the filter is a HiFlo Filtro (HF111 to replace Honda 15412-413-000)
  10. Thanks a ton fellas. Particularly jorge_k for that link... gonna save me a whole load of googling. Stay tuned for my misadventures in oil changing.
  11. I just had some parts delivered for my bike from these guys; they were pretty good apart from sending me the wrong front sprocket but they did get back to me very quickly.
  12. what were the postage costs like cheeba?
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  15. No worries mate. I had been looking for a few months too..... I don't know why I didn't check there earlier but I only went to the Honda page to see if it could be purchased/requested somehow. Then to see it there I was amazed :eek: Good work Honda for leaving it there.
  16. Well, if you guys thought the spada's handbook was exciting, on the first page or two of google you could have found,


    Which has download links to the Spada workshop manual (a rough old scan, but better than nothing) direct links, part1 part2 part3
    and the "Honda Common Service Manual" which has enough general honda service info to get you going on any honda (direct link here).
  17. Yep, already have that mate. Problem is it refers a lot to the users manual for basic information and the bad scan means some information is unreadable (like the oil viscosities table) that also appears in the users manual.
  18. Yeah, I realized about 3 seconds after i posted there was another thread on the spada manual too.....
  19. Hi Legion, to be honest I can't remember but they were pretty cheap and also the VAT gets taken off the overall price due to being an overseas sale so that pretty much covered the postage.

    Kilo - thanks for the manual :)
  20. Anyone advise me on what washer to use to replace the one on the sump plug? Anywhere we can get the filter carrier O-ring? (Honda part number 91315-MA6-003)