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Oil change n00bness

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by say_wat, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. I was changing the oil on the bike, emptied the oil on saturday and waited till this morning to get the oil filter (shops were closed). AFter screwing the oil filter, I turned the bike on and it fired up... and idled for around 20 seconds then turned off.

    Then I got that sinking feeling upon realising I haven't put in any new oil!!


    I put in the new oil and tried to crank it over. It turns but it doesn't start... It keeps turning over (battery is now dying) but won't start. I hear the odd pop in the exhaust. A seized engine doesn't turn over at all right??

    I've never seized an engine in my life and i've done an easy dozen plus oil changes... so anyone know how to test whether its seized?
  2. ah...mm....oh.
  3. :LOL: lol precisely :grin: :cry: :oops: .
  4. hmm...trailer it and take to mechanic...tell em ur story

    well oil is there to lube the moving parts so metal doesnt grind on metal (& to remove gunk etc). if its seized i dont think it turns over, but then you could jsut be over workign ur starter motor and burning it out hopefully u havent done alot of damage
  5. Put a teaspoon of oil into each cylinder. Crank for a second or two and then leave while you remove, clean and dry the spark plugs. Go outside and try a rolling start or two.

    I'd reckon that should help. If it was a seize it would be minor, as you say the engine is turning over under starter motor power. I wouldn't worry too much, just take extra care in future.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: Yes, a seized engine will generally not turn over. A minor seize may leave the engine with small bore scuffs. I'd say you are the latter category at most. If the engine blows lots of smoke, rattles, or performs poorly after its warmed up then you're in trouble.
  6. Appreciate the input guys :)

    Tea spoon of motor oil? Should i be bump starting or is cranking with jumper cables sufficient?
  7. I doubt it would be fully siezed from that but there will be engine damage. Going to a mechanic and seeing what they have to say would be your best option. Or, you could put oil in it, keep riding, and pray every time that you get on it that the engine doesn't seize when you are in a corner.

    Oh, is it a honda? If you change the regulator, it'll run like new! :LOL:
  8. when he says crank it before the spark plug step, I believe he means crank it with the ignition disabled, to turn the engine over and distribute the oil.
  9. How does one crank with the engine disabled? :? :? Keep the spark plugs wires (ignition coils) removed?

    It was a cheap bike [fzr250], not worth much more than self-efforts.
  10. Yes, and i believe with this method your supposed to leave the spark plugs outw hile cranking to avoid hydraulic lock damaging things.

    Wait for someone to confirm though.
  11. Yes, remove the spark plugs (you need to to put the oil in anyway) and disconnect the spark plug caps. You should really ground the caps to the engine or frame too but I don't think it matters a great deal (someone else might have a neat way of doing that: I've no idea as I just use the kick starter with the ignition off).

    Alternatively, put it in gear and push.

    Even more alternatively, use a spanner to turn it over - got a workshop manual? No? Get one!

    If it was starting fine beforehand, and you haven't played with anything else, my guess is that it won't start because it is leaking compression (damage to the rings/bore).

    Get yourself a compression tester and follow the instructions. Compare your results to the specified pressure in your workshop manual. If it's low, add a teaspoon of oil (again!) and retest. If it comes good, congratulations: you need to rebuild your engine! What a fabulous learning opportunity!

    Don't worry, everyone does something silly once in a while.
  12. Did the bike turn off by itself after 20 seconds or did you turn it off?
  13. This might seem REALLY silly, but you havent bumped the kill switch off have you? And your fuel is not set to OFF?

    (I do the kill switch one all the time :LOL: )
  14. Warning. Danger Will Robinson!

    Some bike don't like it if the spark plug circuit isn't complete. On some bikes turning it over with the plug leads disconnectedor the plugs out but not earthed can fry the electronics which may be expensive. Not all bikes, but on mine it would be a mistake costing a few hundred dollars. Unless you know it is OK to do this on your bike, if you pull the plugs make sure they are earthed, just in case.

    Depending on the bike it may be possible to do this with say alligator clips on the end of a wire. One clip to the bottom of the plug (the bitey end) and the other to an engine fin.

    The other way you can crank it without starting it is to remove the fuel. Try draining the carby bowls and switch off fuel or disconnect fuel lines.
  15. +1 to GreyBM and the warning on some electronic ignitions. You can get some copper wire and wrap it around the base of the spark plugs and then to the frame of the bike as the easiest way of keeping the spark circuit intact.

    Hope things go well.
  16. why not hit hte kill switch w/ fuel turned to off and try to start it...it turns it over yea?
  17. Thanks for filling in the gaps in my knowledge GreyBM and cjvfr. Like I said, it's not a problem I have to deal with.

    Any updates? No one likes a thread with no resolution...