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Oil change intervals

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 265chemic, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. I recently picked up a cbr600f3 (98)

    The previous owner did oil / filter every 5000ks (synthetic 5/40)

    The workshop manual says 12,000ks.

    Just wondering if there is any rear advatage in changing this early, or is it just throwing money away. (as would be the case with most cars)

    Ive had a lot to do with cars, not much experience with bikes.

    Also - if anyone has a front fender spare, let me know!

  2. Traditionally bikes run 3-5000 km. Water cooling may have extended that, but there is no way I'd believe 12,000km.

    These engines are under heavy loads.

    I'd be going 5000km if I were looking at long term ownership. Maybe 6, if I was getting rid of it sooner.
  3. Any mechanical device good lubrication and regular changes (filter &/or lubricants) is the NUMBER 1 cheapest insurance you can get against fatigue failure, at 5000K intervals the cost of an oil and filter change on a bike works out to less than 1.4c per K and this is using $25 a liter full synthetic oil.

    Industry dosen't spend millions (and millions) on tribology for no reason.
  4. Its a haynes manual, definitely says 8000 miles / 12,000 kms or 12 months, whichever comes first.

    Surely the manufacturer wouldnt state this if it was doing harm to the engine going that far??!

    Dont get me wrong, I value your opinions and im not here to argue but 12,000 and 5,000 are a lot different. Why should I change 5 opposed to 12 (I know they are stressed engines when you wring it), but are there concrete reasons why?

    The 5,000k change for a bike seems to be fairly widely accepted, but is it an unneccesarity bought over from days of old?
  5. 5000 kays.

    The advantage is that you know the oil will be in a better condition, especially under demand i.e. high speed/rpm, heat, crap in fuel etc etc. Cheaper to change it more often than be replacing rings and bearings prematurely. You can also pick up many problems early by the condition of your old oil.
  6. I suspect in some markets they have free servicing. So extending the service intervals reduces the costs back to honda.

    it would be possible to get better then 5000. Water cooling helps. synthetic oil helps. Larger oil capacity helps. I just can't see them getting to 12000.

    I wouldn't do that to a Falcon, let alone something as highly strung as a 600/4
  7. Haha I change my cars oil every 5,000. Most cars should be changed at 10,000 not 12,000. I know guys who changed their sportsbikes oil every 1000kms.

    Engine oil is the blood of an engine. Its cheap and easy to change and I would rather having less impurities in there causing engine wear.

    I know one guy who never changed his oil in 3 years! I told him he was an idiot and he said you don't have to change the oil in new cars. The problem is he will keep on adding more and more oil as it consumes more and eventually his rings will go.
  8. Admittedly I let a recent change slip for the Falcon and it went to close to 12000 (spec is 15000!). The oil that came out was in better condition then I thought it would be (still thick and brown instead of thin and black).

    Still it has a 6.5l capacity, so it gets a lot of rest between recirculation.
  9. I have posted this elsewhere ages back,
    I believe most scheduled service intervals are bullshit when it comes to oils.
    Not many bike manufacturers have done exhaustive tests of the many brands & grades of motor oils that exist in the marketplace across the manufacturer’s range of bikes, so they really don’t know which brand & how long it should be in your motor.
    Nor do motor oil brands test their oils in every model and every brand of bike so they too can not be sure.
    The only thing that you can be sure about is that motor oils will degrade from the original spec that’s on the front label, at how many KM’s will oil breakdown occur is a question of the oil itself, the design of the motor, & how & under what conditions it is used under.
    General belief amongst many mechanics says that the point where oil in a motor commences breaking down is on average at around 3000km, this does not mean the oil does not protect at 3000km but it commences to deviate from its spec.
    So be it a $20 oil or $80 oil in your motor, at some stage it will commence breaking down, look on the rear label there is nothing to state how long they can hold the grade or viscosity for.
    My bikes engine oil capacity is a big 3.4 litres and has a separate 1 litre transmission oil capacity, the manufacturer’s service handbook has 8000km oil change intervals, however I change oil&filter @4000km
    And if you have a small capacity engine then chances are that you also have a small sump making the oil breakdown even quicker because there is not much in total volume.
    My rule of thumb is that whatever the manufacturer states for oil change intervals > half it.
    Better to have a medium quality oil changed frequently than to have the most expensive oil changed less frequently, different brands and qualities of oil will commence breakdown at different times, but no one is in the know of exactly when this takes place.
    That’s the way you will most likely maximise your engines longevity in the cheapest possible way.
  10. That's interesting, DuHast's normal answer to that question is "I replace it when the last lot has all dripped out."
  11. I completely agree DuHAST. I change the oil more regurarly on my old car because at 5000 I have already had to add more oil as its a high mileage engine and its as black as night. It also does not have a big sump capacity and is used mostly at 100km/h speeds.
  12. The haynes manual is stating exactly what Honda prescribe, change the oil sooner if it gives you peace of mind, but in normal riding condition it's not essential if you use a decent quality oil.

    I change mine every 4k km's, but my bikes get a pretty hard life. I would have no problems changing the oil in a cbr-f every 10k km's if it were mine and only using the bike on the road.
  13. R6 - every 4/5,0000 km

    GS - every 5,0000km
  14. You might wanna check how many zeros you have there - unless that is what it is :shock: :wink:
  15. :rofl: got a bit carried away :oops:

    Try again, R6 - 4-5,000 km
    GS - 5,000 km

    Bit more realistic :wink:
  16. Hey man, the r6 definatley had 1 too many 0s, but the Suzi had 1 too few. tough things Suzuki's
  17. Agree :grin: My old GSX 1100 got three oil changes and I never touched the plugs in three years/50-odd thousand kms. Bought as a runabout, reliable as, sold as a runabout and for more than I paid for it :cool:
  18. Oil is cheap compared to motors, My sidecar gets new oil every 3,000 or 3 months, My rarely riden Wings get new oil every 12 months regardless of miles
    my sons YZ250F gets new oil every weekend its a 2004 model and has never had the motor touched and is thrashed and beaten. His mates with similar bikes have all had $2000 engine bills and claim he is just lucky, maybe he is maybe I have doomed him.
    But i reckon its the oil changes that have made the difference.

    Modern engines work a lot harder than old engines, the oils may be better but thay are asked to work harder.

    my 2c