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Oil change - how to?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. The Virago needs an oil change and while I've never done one before, I'm assured it's a simple enough procedure to do and am excited to give it a try. Woodsy et al told me what to do on Saturday night, but I'm not sure if what I remember of that conversation is what was actually said.

    It'd be appreciated if someone could guide me through the process.


  2. Easy-Peasy...

    Take the bike for a quick spin, to warm up the oil, bring her into the garage, put it on the center stand (side stand will do if you don't have a center, although you might have to stand the bike up if you want to get _all_ the oil out)

    There will be a bolt on the very bottom of th emotor, it will be pretty big (17 or 19mm probably) you unscrew this then the oil comes out! you did put a container under there first didn't you!)

    Now, fish the socket and plug out of the conatiner rapidly filling wih hot oil (cause I always drop em in there) and wait till the oil stops flowing (the warm up ride was to make this faster)

    Put the bolt back into the sump, and fill your bike with new oil up to the "full" mark!

    Ready to go!

    It is as easy as that, nothing to worry about. You doing the filter as well?

    Good luck!

    PM me if you think you'll need any help, I'll give you my number, but there's plenty of peeps that will be willing to help closer to home I think.

  3. If the oil level is meant to be read when the engine is warm then best not to fill it to the "full" level (otherwise when the oil heats up it'll be overfull). Usually best to fill it to the low level then let the engine warm up and top it up to full. Filling up the oil is often easier if you pick up a plastic funnel from an auto store - while there you might also want to grab a drain pan and a spray can of degreaser.
  4. Ok first go and buy oil and oil filter.

    For type of oil check your manual, it'll be a 10-50 or similar, dont skimp on oil quality it's the only thing that keeps the engine safe and sound.

    Before going for a ride to warm oil up get tools ready, spaner (ring spaner or socket) to undo sump plug, filter spanner (go and buy one if you dont have one, there only a few bucks) funnel for refilling oil, ice cream container or something to catch oil (about 4 - 6 liters capacity or so), rags.

    Warm up bike, TAKE OUT KEY, place container under sump plug, remove plug, remove filter, let drain for a while, stand bike upright to drain as much as possible out.

    Replace filter (smear some new oil in O ring) tighten to recomendation on filter, replace sump plug (do NOT over tension, just a nip), add oil to bike, to recomended levels, run bike, check oil level and top up if required.

    or if you like cook me T and i'll come and give you a hand :)
  5. You got a new bike, get it serviced at an authorised dealer, I know a simple oil change is a no brainer however if something even unrelated goes wrong with your bike during the warranty period down the track, dealers will say you have voided your warranty by having non authorised work done to it, they look for any excuse.
  6. her local dealer is a knob and by accounts treats female riders with contempt (mentaly smacks dealer behind ear for being a tosser) she's already had the first service (1000k i think) done at the dealer and there isnt that much choice down Rosies way. dealers of any sort can no longer get away with 'your waranty is void due to blah, blah' thats a scare tactic nothing more.
  7. If that’s the case get some recommendations from other riders take it elsewhere.
    Also remember that resale for any late model bike will be better with a full service history.
  8. dont think this will be an issue she's averaging over 1000k a week so resales going to be marginal at best if she keeps it up. dont think theres a huge market for 12 month old 250 Viragos with 60,000k on the clock LOL
  9. And as long as the majors are being done by a dealer (worth a trip into town, we can shout you tea) and keeps the receipts for the oil filters and oil, then any prospective new owner is going to look at Rosie, look at the bike and then make their own decision on whether it's a sound by.
  10. Hey rosie,

    I do my own oil changes and basically all outlined below. Don't be in a rush!!!!!

    I cut and pasted the below from one of my oil changing triumphs!!

    "have you ever been in such a rush to do maintenece on your bike that you forget to do something BASIC!!!!

    Last weekend I decided to do a basic oil and filter change within 5 minutes while the wife was getting ready to go out.

    Bike was warm, out came the plug, off with the filter, a couple of turn overs to drain all the oil.

    on with the plug and filter and top up the oil.


    start her up to get the oil through the system, sounds a bit funny???
    New exhaust note?????

    Then I remembered I did not replace the oil filler cap.
    At least I now know my oil pressureis ok.
    A fine mist of oil went through the air as if someone was lying on their back drinking off milk and then spraying it out in a vomitting gush

    after I got home, many hours spent cleaning up oil all over the bike.

    Moral of the story?????

    Tell your missus the bike takes preference and the world can wait!!!!

    any other similar tragic stories?????"

  11. First service was done at 1000kms.

    Next due service is, according to my manual and dealer, 10000kms.

    Thanks for the thoughts and help guys. Much appreciated...Woodsy's right about my dealer (he can do the major services for a yr (that's how long the bike's covered under warranty) and then I'll pick whomever I want to take it to - might take cejay up on his offer :) ) and he's right also about the amt of km's that'll be on it should I plan on selling it in the future...so I don't mind doing the oil change myself.

    I didn't end up getting to do it today though as I was too busy, but plan on doing it tomorrow morning.

    And hopefully tomorrow afternoon I'll get to go for a ride around some twisty roads. :)
  12. Oh yes, forgot to add..I'm doing the filter change too. :) Help!
  13. What's the best way to dispose of used oil?
  14. Most recycling places have a disposal facility these days or if your friendly with your local car service place take the oil and a six pack down and ask them if they'll take it.
  15. Thanks for your help guys. I'm not going to get a chance to do it this week but next week I'll be right onto it. :)

  16. i always change the washer on the drain plug as well.
    do it once and you'll be changing everyones... not hard.
    Although my first oil change on the bike OMG the oil filter was on soooo tight i had to put a screw driver through it. No idea what those mechanics were doing when they tightened it.
    My bike always gets a oil and filter change at 5000kms. Good chance also to clean out the front sprocket as well.