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oil change...empty pan now have half a seal?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Willzah, May 15, 2009.

  1. HALP!!! i drained the oil of me baby. now when i was pouring off the oil out of the pan into a old oil container, on the bottom was this half of a ring, i think.

    i dont know where its from, is there a seal on the nut? =/ am i in a bit of trouble. im sure the pan was empty before i started i did turn it upside down.


  2. Most sump plugs do have an o-ring or seal of some sort so I would guess that is what it is.

    Have a browse through the shop manuals thread (sticky in maintenance section). There should be an online manual for your bike which will tell you if you have a seal on the sump plug.
  3. No you cant replace the O ring with a key :LOL:

    Is there any sort of O ring or fibre or steel washer on the sump plug? There should be.
  4. theres a washer....but i dont know if theres a o ring on that

    yea i tired to use my key...then realised i couldnt start the bike :LOL:
    its just for size comparasion. havent put in new oil yet, because if i have to take that slug bolt off again
  5. ok so i got the manual, there isnt a seal on the slug plug i think.


    where else can it be from
  6. So, what was in the drain pan? Half a rubber o-ring, or half a copper or aluminium washer that might be from the sump plug?
  7. half a rubber o ring as per photo
  8. You sure it's not a piece of silicone sealant that someone put on the sump
  9. its quite hard like rubber thats old, sorta brittle
  10. Probably a bit of paper gasket then, baked hard by the engine heat.
  11. I'd club that seal if I were you :p
  12. Penguin is riding down the road on a great big black and
    white H-D, when he feels strange around the
    left leg/flipper region. He looks down, and sees oil spurting out of
    his bike engine onto his leg. Damn!

    As luck would have it, there is a bike shop nearby so he pulls into the
    driveway and speaks to the mechanic. While the mechanic is taking a look,
    our Penguin friend waddles across to the nearby ice cream parlour.

    "Mmm, triple vanilla - the only icecream for a Penguin" he thinks as he
    proceeds to enjoy, and also to spill melted vanilla icecream all down his

    After about half an hour, he wanders back to the bike shop and asks to
    see the mechanic.

    "What's the trouble?" asks our worthy penguin friend.

    The mechanic retorts, "Looks like you've blown a seal"

    "No that's just icecream"
  13. lol
    this isnt sounding good....
  14. Hotcam's wit aside ( :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: )

    I think you will find there is/was an o ring as I've indicated on the diagram.

  15. the thing is i didnt change the oil filter, its still good gona change it at the major in bout ~2000 kms

    plus the filter comes with a rubber ring, i think....
  16. I think that the seal is nothing to worry about, just as long as you find the other half of it!
  17. Just throw it back in the filler , it will eventually end up being where it should be.

    obviously not recommended though
  18. ok so i filled her up with oil to see if it leak. seemed to be okay yesterday.

    today i notice on the ground, after its been sitting there for a few hours, there seems to be a very slow leak.

    Im starting to think its a seal from the slump plug or is that from me not tightening it enough? and if so where do i get a new rubber seal? any old o ring will do yea?
  19. No, sump plugs don't use a rubber seal. They use an aluminium
    or copper crush washer, like a spark plug does. Buy one from your
    local Honda dealer. If you didn't notice a seperate washer when you
    removed the sump plug, it might still be stuck to the sump plug.
    Re-using it can cause a slow leak of oil.

    DON'T tighten the sump plug too much or you WILL crack the
    aluminium sump!
  20. ok. so im 90% sure there was a washer on it. so why is it still leaking oil? and wheres the half a rubber seal from which has now turned into 2 quarters.
    Bike running better which is normal after oil change.

    hope im not jinx'in myself