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oil = bad

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by steltzer, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. not cool from the riders perspective, so much slide!

  2. geez if my bike kicked like that first one i'd be on my head for sure
  3. Ahh brings back fond memories :D
  4. LOL he wasn't weighting the pegs right otherwise he'd have been up for MotoGP slide of the year :D

    Hmmmmmm actually he did quite well although I will say in seriousness, the signs had been there earlier had they not? This is a good example of predicting the unpredictable....
    He came across oil not a few mins earlier, I'd have been going very careful until I found the source or the end of the slick as it seems it's quite a long one!

    Still sucks though....reminds me of the rainy day I saw a coupla kids empty a a jerry of diesel onto a wet road, the mayhem that followed was incredible....luckily I was on a dirt bike and saw it happen so avoided it all together...!