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Oil and Chain Replacement

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Speri, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, i have an RVF400 just wanted to ask what oil is better to use for it, Motul 5100 or 7100. A few people have said use 7100 but some says its to thin and will make my engine ping so its better to use the 5100. whats the difference in the oils? and also how often should i change my chain? its getting to the stage now that when i tighten it after a few weeks, it needs to be re tightened. is that normal? if i change the chain do i have to change both sprockets also? any input would be great thanks.

  2. I use Motul 5100 and love it. The difference is that 5100 is semi-synthetic and 7100 is fully synthetic.

    If your tightening the chain that often it's definately not normal and you need a new one. I would change both sprockets also. Your chain is at the end of its life and its most likely worn the sprockets too much already.
  3. kk. thanks mate.
  4. Read up on chain maintenance and you will be able to tell by trying to pull the chain off the sprocket. You can tell visually if the sprockets need replacing or not. A lot of people who change their own will do two chains to a set of sprockets (assuming normal wear). Whether your amount of stretch is an issue depends on the bike; in mine and other's experience, commuting on the SR500 can mean tightening the chain on a weekly basis!

  5. Any manner of google searches will provide info on when chain is past use by date.
  6. Thanks for the reply guys im going to get the chain and sprockets changed when i get some cash together(hopefully soon) got hit off the bike last week and the prick drove off soo i gota fix the rest of it 1st :( can ya beleive the only people that stopped were guys in a garbage truck. everybody else just drove around me lying on the ground lol