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Oi..pay attention you's lot

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. About SWMBO's new bike. Decision decided, with a bit of luck. I have put an offer on a 1983 Benelli Quattro 250/4, one of the last built. Its done just 20,000k's and is in showroom condition except for the conrod sticking out the front of the crankcase. It comes with lots of spares including a second complete bike, in average condition, but with a perfect bottom end. These are as rare as rocking horse sh&t, and truly beautiful machines. Often incorrectly called a copy of a Honda motor, it is in fact based on the Benelli 250/4 on which Kel Carruthers won both the 1969 250GP and the TT for the last ever time on a 4stroke. Benelli produced the first road going 250/4 some years before anybody else. SWMBO will have a 250 that has history, real character, handles like a racer, and as it's one of only a handful in Australia, has a high 'pose' factor. I hope she's pleased...

  2. Stylish little thing, isn't it!
  3. just don't see the appeal with older bikes, but each to their own i guess, best of luck
  4. Fair enough too. If we all liked exactly the same thing there'd only be one bike on the market!...

    But older bikes can be a good buy for a beginner. If you bought say a mid 80's 2 stroke 250, in sound but untidy condition to learn on, then spent your 250 time tarting it up, you would not just get your money back, but could make a nice profit to put towards the bike you REALLY want.
  5. Beautiful little bike, inci, I remember it well!
  6. Is that picture the actual one you're buying?

    It's a very cool looking bike. I'm a bit confused by the 250/4 though. I can't see four cylinders on the picture, looks more like a single to me. And if it is, good on it. Love an old single... :wink:
  7. Yes it is.

    Here is a frontal picture of a slightly older model with an identical engine that should clear things up.

    http://www.cybermotorcycle.com/gallery/benelli/Benelli 250 Quattro detail.htm
  8. Aaaaaah! I see it now. Very cool.

    Interestingly, "I can see clearly now" was just playing on the radio... Freaky.
  9. Nice looking bike, your SO should be pleased to ride
    But I wonder about the insurance on such a classic machine