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OI ! minions of netrider...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. i need a hi res copy of this image so i can have it blown up n put on a canvas or some shit in my new garage - i dont know if you tech-savvy buggers can work with the base image to recreate it to a high res version or if your just able to track down a somewhat original high res version on the interwebs....my hours of searching have turned up nothing

    ===need high res version of this image===
  2. A whole new perspective to pork someone...;)
  3. get it put on canvas, there's a shop in crows nest
  4. that's my intention korbail but i need a hi resolution version of this image first (have a mate that does that shit for work...and bike n car decals so i'd rather have it done free ;D )
  5. ah ok I just know they can make it Hi res when I asked ages ago. I'll ask around my brother might be able to if no-one else can. How much does your mate charge for decals roughly?
  6. Why does the picture redirect to Bacon scented & flavoured lube?
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  7. mmm bacon
  8. Power Rangers last meal
  9. close but no cigar jay - you'll notice the trailbike riders on the left and the cruisers on the right - not just power rangers
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  10. You need to learn how to fit out a real shed.
    Looks like your gunna fark it up.
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  11. I have no idea about getting that blown up, but thanks for the link just ordered a slab, mmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaaacon!!!!!!
  12. Ah it's only gonna be my interim/home garage - gonna be buying second block of land nearby soon enough to build a proper garage for my toys
  13. You need the basic rules of shed building.
    A shed is not a garage.
  14. LOL, This ^^

    What else have you been shopping for???

    If you click on the pic, it directs you to eBay so you can buy some:

    Bacon Scented & Flavored BACON LUBE Warming Massage Oil & Water Based Lubricant


  15. He's young
  16. Then I'm building a toy shack alright !
  17. What's the name of the picture?
  18. not a clue ripped it off facebook.
  19. As far as I'm aware it's pretty hard to make low res into high res. You can up the DPI in Photoshop but it has to 'interpolate' between the pixels to fill in the gaps. Usually when you blow that up you get 'blurryness' rather than pixelation so a slightly better result. You could always ask Horatio at CSI to enhance it and make the pic perfect because tv is always true.

    I make canvases for my old job and we got Facebook pics all the time. Your only real option is finding the original.

    Try this


    Or this: