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oi, melbourne!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. a little pony told me that melbournas are heading up north and that if im up at the same time they're up then we can meet up!

    soooooo, whenz a goood time? whos going to be in brizzy and when? the 10th?

    huh? huh?
  2. ...aaaand, are youse going the coast road?? i'll throw a BBQ :grin: no pressure to get hell drunk and sleep the night, but you're mad if ya dont ;)
  3. joel, are you talking to me?


    i dont see anyone else around here. you must be talking to me!

    im flying up.

    eh, bugger
  4. stumpy... im one of the few mexicans jumping the fence in hope of warmer weather...

    the crew so far

    woodsy jr (bec)
    sussan (??)

    AND most inportantly


    woodsy has alll the details of when we are where
  5. swing by mogo..... snags, steaks, salads for those so inclined and beer or soft drink :grin:
  6. yep i think we are meant to be in brissy on the friday the 10th (believe we might be heading to Milton coffee night meet...)
  7. oh i hope they have planned a stop over there..... :grin: woodsy????