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Oi! Driver Distractions

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mouth, May 20, 2015.

  1. A good video ....

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  2. The Aussie 'Oi' undertone reminds me of this
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  3. Great campaign, only way we are going discourage mobile phone use while driving.
    Like Drink Driving, its a moral and social problem.

    As to knocking on windows...I have a youtube channel full of fun encounters doing that.
    Some people go bat shit insane though, and will try to kill you.
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  4. I just keep reminding friends, look twice ... it could be me you hit ...

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  5. Maybe they got upset because you forgot to say 'Oi'? ;)
  6. Probably the words following that upset most of them.
    All time classic though was this lady, cut me off along the Monash Freeway while she was busy texting away...panicked then sped off to the next off ramp 'still on her phone'. Pulled up beside her then received a mouthfull that "motorbikes are the real cause of accidents, and that its non of my business what she does". Being fair and democratic, I returned my own feelings :p


    Next best distracted drivers I've seen were in the Burnley Tunnel. Pictures speak for themselves.
  7. Im glad that chic in the first pick doenst have a shorter skirt on :stop:
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  8. Might print this picture in colour and hang out on the wall at work. Deal a lot with blokes who think its fine to talk and drive because they're so important working in the CSG industry.
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  9. Damn, I've been doing it wrong the whole time no wonder I keep getting cigarette buts, water, bottles, and a few unkind words thrown at me. Maybe because they don't like me creeping up behind them and plastering my helmet against their windows.
  10. Driver mentality ...
    "My life is more important than your life! , even though there is a possibility of loosing my life, i am willing to risk all our lives!, the phone has total control of me and my undivided attention, ive never heard of bluetooth or a phone holster and can navigate a racetrack steering with my knees".
  11. Having recently escaped that sinking boat....give it 6 months and they won't need to be on the phone at all. Best thing I ever did was returning to a life of normalcy.
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