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Ohio bans unmanned speed cameras.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nearlyempty, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. "UNMANNED speed cameras have been outlawed in some American states. A large rise in the number of rear-end collisions around camera sites forced the Ohio House of Representatives to reconsider their use. The new bill states police officers should replace cameras at accident blackspots."

  2. so all we need to do is encourage car drivers to have rear-end collisions where unmanned cameras live.

    Who's going to contact the RACV to suggest that to their membership?
  3. It is alreay happening here, lots of accidents are occurring near fixed and non-fixed speed cameras. These devices may succeed in instilling a general awareness of speeding, but their presence at particular locations is more dangerous than many other road hazards.

    If the govt was fair dinkum about safety, they would ditch speed cameras altogether, and pump money into making accident blackspot areas safer, and getting unregistered/unlicensed/drunk drivers off the road.
  4. I totally agree with everything you said. There is one particular fixed speed camera where i live on the DISTRIBUTOR/HIGHWAY where the speed limit is 80. Without fail every morning on the way to work there is a near rear end accident due to some people slowing down to 50-60km/h as they go through. It is utterly rediculous. All they do is cause people do be moron drivers as they SOLELY devote there attention to watching there speedo making sure is UBER below the set speed limit while thinking " OH NO i'm doing 70km/h past an 80km/h camera i better slow down so more just incase it gets me.

    GRRR i hate fixed speed cameras
  5. Travelling home last night on Alexandra Pde and the two redlight/speed cameras, everyone panics and slams the brakes on as they get there and if rolling through half of them are on the brakes as well. I was just waiting for the noise of the locked tyres. Mind you the traffic patrol car parked off to the left booking someone else was not helping either.


  6. damn right.. general idocity is the problem - if people had enough intelligence to drive their vehicles safely then we wouldnt need speed cameras anyway.