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ohhh. so firestorms are V-Twins....!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pt, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. sorry if this is kind of retarded and whatnot but i only just realised that vtr's were v-twins. very lost i know. but that bike just went way up in my wishlist. v-twins are the stuff. and sorta on the same topic, what differences are there between riding a v-twin and an inline engined bike? i've heard something about more torque? and i know they sound 1 billon times better 8) and how much do you pick up a '90s model vtr1000f for? and tell me if im wrong but im thinking its a bad idea to get onto a firestorm straight off your P's....

  2. Do it pt, i went from a gs500 straight to the storm, and there's a few on this forum that have gone from across's to storms

    For great info on the storm go here www.ozfirestorm.com

    You'll never doubt it's a great choice, and yeah they sound sweeet...

    Saz.....i love my storm :D
  3. You either love or hate twins. I love the sound, but can't get a handle on the 'feel'. I've ridden both TLR and RSV. The only thing I can say is I wished I liked them better, cause they're SO tough!!
    Take one for a ride is the best way - you'll know straight away!
  4. v-twins sound insane, but i prefer the top end performance an inline 4 cylinder sports bike
  5. twins are a love or hate thing.
    You must ride one before you know which side you're on.
    I'm funny, I ride & love riding my Ducati 748, but can't feel comfortable on larger litre twins, too much engine braking [in comparison] & the power is more off/on, kinda bucks around more, especally on twisty going.

    Although I can instantly feel [and go] fast on any 600cc supersport from getting straight off my 748.

    I wouldn't go back to a in-line 4 easily, but I don't lust for more 'Twin'-escne in larger 1000cc twins either.
    Kinda makes new bikes choices easyer for me though.
  6. I find it hard to go back to an inline-4. Riding our Blade is so ho-hum since getting the Storm.
  7. I used to have a TLR. V-twins are bikes of real character, especially when comparing to many inline 4's (which are more like turbine power in comparison). As already mentioned v-twins have more torque down low as a general rule. They dont rev as hard so do all the work at less revs. They do have a totally different character with regards to the amount of engine braking (bucket loads of) and you can often apply more throttle and apply it earlier when cornering as there is more time for the rear tyre to recover in between each power pulse from the motor.

    In short I love them!! They woble and fart, sound tough and for me I like them best when riding thru the hills. Their torque, engine braking and power delivery make em a joy in that environment.

    That all being my current rise is an in line 4. Which is a pity, but I dont just ride in the hills :)

  8. Tones you should be a writer mate you covered the lot accept the fact that a twin's got soul! :wink:
  9. the way i sum up V twins to people who are not into bikes is :

    V Twins are like sitting at the lights in a V8 supercar , they rumble with noise , vibrate with power, the spit , they rock and they are tempromental and they launch off like you have been yanked backwards off your bike like you are tied to a speeding car going the other way .
    massive grunt!! and thats why we love them

    in line 4 : like a nissan skyline (gozzilla"s) qiuet unasumming , they take off and are quick.

    to me , V Twins are all grunt and power and i love every bit of it
    they might not hit 300kph, but you will find they have a feel of there own .
    if you love HP you will love a twin.
  10. Going from your P's on the 250 to a litre twin is not a problem as long as you make some adjustments. Do NOT use the same amount of throttle, do NOT flick the bike around as much as the 250 but DO be prepared to have a massive grin from ear to ear the entire time you are riding it.
  11. I ride a CB250 which is a parallel twin. As a newb (so don't ridicule the question or my bike...:LOL:), what's the difference between riding a v-twin (such as the VTR250) or an in-line four compared with my bike? Does riding my bike sit somewhere in between the two?
  12. Well, the in-line twin design is less torquey than a V-twin but can be more easily designed to be higher revving as there are less mechanical parts so there are less mechanical losses in the system. A significant difference between the two bikes mentioned (VTR and C8) is that the VTR is water cooled whereas the CB is air cooled. A water cooled engine can be more easily designed to have a higher output than an air cooled engine but trades that off against the extra weight of the cooling system.

    Bike design is a series of tradeoffs of performance or reliability benefit against performance or reliability loss. Usually a bean counter steps in at the latest possible stage and imposes a cost restriction that renders thousands of design hours worthless in order to preserve an individual (typically their own) productivity bonus.
  13. awesome. so going from a cb to a v-twin wouldnt be as bad as one of those nutjob supersports? the only reason i wouldnt get on a supersport or inline 4 is because they have a huge top speed which i'm liable to play with. the v-twins dont have such a high top speed and are more fun down low? thats what im hearing and i can kinda believe that. i'm think maybe the SV650 or something similar, just cause its smaller. buut, its all well and good thinking about these lurvley bikes, but insurance is gonna screw me over so hard. i hate being under 25. anyone know a company that insures under 25 bike riders?
  14. Thanks for the compliment thelodger. Yes I did forget SOUL. Well put splashfire. Every bike is a compromise in one way or another. It may be cost, reliability, comfort, weight, etc, etc, etc. Fortunately we are all different and so have different tastes. The SV is a great choice I believe as it is good "intermediate" bike. By that I mean in weight, power, ability and importantly insurance. Nodz you mentioned a parallel twin being similar to a V twin. Even V twin engines can vary a lot between each other. Some can be 88 deg twins some are 90, and some are 60's. Your twin would be closer to a V twin than an inline 4, but of course different. The best design engine is the one in a bike that you are sitting on that gives the biggest smile.

  15. Not sure anyone said that going from a CB250 to a 1 litre twin is as bad as a supersport? Any of these bikes must given a huge amount of respect. These bikes have the ability to sit you on your ass a hell of a lot quicker than a 250. I'm pretty sure all insurance companies see a huge risk in insuring certain bikes to under 25's

    If you want to have a laugh, go to the NRMA online quote service, pretend you are a 18yo and want to insure a $15000 2003 Yammy R1 in Sydney (policy at $1022 looked pretty reasonable until I noticed that it was per month - $12133 per year)

  16. Glen, if a twin is twice the fun of a four, then a single must be twice the fun of a twin. And mine does all the things on your list. If you want to trade up, just let me know :)
  17. yep. ashes has hit the nail on the head. no matter what i get on its gonna go a hell of a lot faster than the cb and will command respect. and LOL i already looked at the nrma insurance estimate thingo. i think a 4 or 5 year old 600 supersport would end up costing, like, 4/5ths of what you paid for it each year. might as well buy a new bike every year! looks like comprehensive is out of the question...
  18. The only problem with not getting comprehensive is that you don't build up a no claim bonus. Buy a cheap bike, insure it cheaply, build up no claim bonus, all of a sudden your 25 and can afford insurance on a good bike
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    What a crack up. HP. That bike ain't got HP.

    As Mick Dundee said................Thats not HP =======> ZX12R THATS HP

    Cheers 8)
  20. Bwaahhaaaaa , checkmate. :D