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Ohh...... she's gone down and I wasn't even on her.........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jlgumby, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. You wouldn't believe..........

    Sold the GT250R after a year of riding in perfect as new order, never put her on her side, never got close. Then I get a call from the new owner to let me know the bad news as she's just layed it down in the carpark and broken a bunch of bits and scratched up the nice clean skirts. Felt bad for her but at the same time, glad it wasn't me. Apparently forgot to put her feet down once she stopped. :roll: no comment..

    So what happens, day after, my new 750 is sitting in the driveway ready to give me the ride of my life, and as I turn and walk away to get my helmet, I hear a crunch. Now if you've never heard it, it's gut wrenching with just the thought of what it may signify. But to turn around and see my brand new baby lying on her side made me want to immediately adopt the featal position and find some quiet place in the corner of the garage to pass the next few moments.

    I've heard that they can be hard to pick up but I was so devastated it felt as light as a bicycle and I almost threw it over the neighbor's fence.... Well....... y'know.

    There was damage to the fairings and clutch lever and most unfortunately, the Generator cover spit in the slight fall and she dropped her oil all over the driveway... Can't tell you the pain.

    I'm guessing I must have not quite had her sitting back on the stand so when I left, she moved forward and off the stand. Just feel stupid. And I don't like feeling stupid, getting used to it though... :(

    Tell me I'm not the only one, please, even if you have to lie to make me feel slightly less incompetent. I'm completely and overly nervous now whenever i have to lean her on the side stand.

    Oh the joys of only having two wheels.....
  2. Mr Gumby, you are the one. The only one. :p

    Bad news on the "drop" (for both bikes). Gotta admit, I'm paranoid when I park mine to make sure that whatever stand it's on, it's really, really on. I actually give the bike a bit of a push back to make sure the stand is fully extended. Then I'm almost happy.

    Hope the repairs aren't too much :(
  3. Mr Campag,

    You didn't even consider lying???

  4. You are not alone. One thing which looked "wrong" when I looked at the KLE was the stance of the bike on the stand. Looked to upright. Not enough to stop me buying it and the salesman said it would be OK.

    Six months later I'm putting on my gloves and I heard the same sound! There was my pride and joy lying on her side.

    Apart from bent bars, a broken lever and a slight scratch no real damage.

    The first one always hurts. Gotta look at modifying that stand.
  5. I have a rule. The Bonnie doesn't get dropped. That's what my old bike was for.
  6. Ok, if it makes you feel better....

    I stupidly parked my bike next to a cliff edge and the ground gave way plunging my pride and joy to the jagged rocks below.
  7. Was the bike in gear?

    All well and good to check stand all the way down/forward but if on a bit of a hill can still roll forward

    Hope the repairs don't cost too much :cry:
  8. Generator cover split in a stationary drop?

    That's *pathetic!*
  9. Well, repairs didn't necessarily have to cost alot, but I made them cost alot by replacing the cover with a Woodcraft billet unit with a slider so that it won't break again dropping her oil everywhere rendering her unridable since I had to replace it anyway. Bought a case saver for the right side and put some Ozy Nobs on her to protect the fairing from a fall. Had to replace the clutch lever and fill her with oil again. Just touched up the scratches myself which doesn't look bad unless inspecting closely.

    So I'm ok now. Then took her for a ride up Mountain Hwy and all was forgotten.

    Here are some pics: The slider on the left is part of the entire billet replacement cover and is just above the 'i' in Suzuki, it's a bit dark in the garage when the door's closed, apologies. The right side is just a guard over the stock cover. The frame sliders are Aussie made 'Ozys' and went on without cutting the fairing which was nice. But it WON'T happen again.

    This stuff will be good for the track though.

  10. Damn, that's a sweet lookin' bike bud........love the colour :wink:

    Always, always,...check that you are in gear......and then be sure she cant roll forward on you.....to easy to nose into a parking spot somewhere, all is cool- looks level.....until you get off and walk away and she starts to creep off the stand :eek: almost got caught like that 2 weeks ago.......heart was in my mouth I tell ya.

    look after her mate, she's a beauty.
  11. I dropped my old 250. got off the bike to check the mail and *CRASH*
    broken rearset and break lever.

    i cant believe that the engine cover will split from a drop.
    my engine cover has been grounded till you can only see the H from Honda from numerous lowsides but it didnt crack.
  12. THIS
  13. Re: Ohh...... she's gone down and I wasn't even on her......

    baaahahahahaaa! :p how on earth is that possible?! Oh well, i'm sure she learned her lesson......

    Sorry to hear about your bike tho, that sucks. That's always the big concernt too, isn't it, that when you have a shiny new bike somehow it'll end up on the floor :cry: let us know if you get her fixed up nice again
  14. AND IN GEAR.
    mine jumped out of gear (not in properly) and then off the stand on mac pass. this storey has now turned into 120km downhill left hander and seeing a bike down and had to jump it only to land off axis, low side, and see the bike fling off the side of the mountain.. when the chopper recovered it i only had a broken clutch lever and a scratch on the screen.. tough buggers those GPX's.
  15. 10PSI in the forks will fix that.

  16. +1, what the!
  17. i've never really been into the gixers b4, but thatbike
    looks great (love the colour)
  18. I had the same thing with my across. It is a terrible noise.
    It was on a slight inlcine an it just rolled forward off the stand and hit the deck.

    Just gotta be more careful when it goes on the stand. Do your best to make sure its never facing forward downhill.
  19. Yeah I know, had I known that before................. Nah, still would have bought her. :grin:

    Have found out however that some track days won't allow you on the track if you don't have some sort of case cover/slider as they don't want oil on the track after someone's 'off'. Makes sense, depends on the bike though of course. Funny though, I've heard of people coming off these and slide them down the road having ground down the case but still didn't crack, so I'm just super lucky I spose.....

    Thanks for the advise, funny thing is the Hyosung was the one I was always nervous about because I feel their stand is just too long, fart while standing on her left side and you're in a chance for a 'high side' :LOL:
  20. I know the feeling dude of hearing a bike fall over. Mine wasnt my fault but mother nature, she decided to blow a big gust of wind in the garage and blow the wardrobe down knocking the bike over :(

    Frame sliders do wonders for bikes like yours.