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Ohh bugger and Help!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Well i left it too late..

    i'm now getting some nice chain slap on my worn chain.....

    Where would be a good bet to pick up chain and sprockets for a SPADA.. in very short order. I'm doing 200Km a day on the bike for the next 2 weeks at least so am rather keen to get the chain done pronto. Can fit ok (father has the tools) just need to get the actual bits.

    The other issue is... I have no idea what sive chain i need?? i can count up the teeth and links but what width/pitch..... is there a nice easy reference around??

    Cheers in advance
  2. You could try Boltons in Kyneton.
  3. Any bikeshop will have a manual telling you not only which chains and sprockets fit, but all available gearing options form the manufacturer.

    Non genuine will be way way cheaper.

    However, I recomend at least going genuine (or equivalent quality - not the cheapo JT option) on the front sprocket - may cost you about $20 extra every 30,000kms or so.

    Slop on the front sprocket can damage your gearbox output shaft meaning gearbox rebuild time. Slop on the rear sprocket you're up for 6 new bolts.

    Other advice - never buy anything less than at least O-ring chain. It's false economy buying a Heavy Duty Chain over an O-ring or X-ring chain.
  4. Yep

    O-ring it is... and good quality sprockets...

    will have to make a few calls tomorrow at work
  5. just gave them a call.

    Asked if they had chain and sprockets for a SPADA/ VT250?

    Is that a road bike??


    Then no we don't have them, sorry....

    about the same service i got last time I asked them about something........

    UPDATE: called City West Yamaha in Hoppers Crossing, yes they have them yes i can get them tomorrow. happy camper is me :grin:
  6. Drew, i don't know how you got on with this, but if your still looking, you might try raceway suzuki. it's basically on your daily route and the guys there are usually good.
  7. Thanks Jim but all sorted,

    I took a trip to Hoppers Crossing this morning.... nice ride too.

    Fellows at West City had me sorted in about 7 minutes tops, then 15 minuted for a coffe and chat with the service guys.So far my experience with them has been A+. Definitely have my business for the foreseeable future.

    Fitting chain etc tomorrow so will be all new and spritely for Monday!!
  8. dont forget to check chain tension after your first coupla rides drew ;)
  9. Yup. Already aware of this but thanks fot the remonder.

    already done about 70km on the new chain... will check it again tommorrow at work...circa 170Km mark.

    Was relatively painless process with 2 people.
  10. When i adjust he chain....

    i gather i just need to a make sure it's still in manufacturers specs??

    i know the Spada is meant to have 12-22 mm slack... so as long as i keep it there all is ok right?
  11. Make sure you check the chain when sitting on it.
  12. will do i know that with me sitting on it the frontsprocket, swing pivot and rear are all in a line which i beleive is the point you need to allow for...

    was all fine yesterday but have now done 170Km on the new chain so time for a check i think. would do it tonight but it's dark by the time i get home.
  13. According to my dodgy PDF of the shop manual, it's 15-25mm but with the bike on the side stand, not sitting on it.


  14. yeah thats what mine says too.....

    still all is ok now :)