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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tankslap, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Hey how's it going,

    Been riding for a couple of years, about get my fulls in a month (yew!) and I like retro fitted old school race bikes, 80's endurance racers etc.

    Dunno what my next bike will be, considering a motard since i reckon a supersport on sydney roads will be like having blue balls with all that powah.

    I frequent the Ryde area on an old white cbr250rr with a tri colour tank and the side fairings off. Yeah not hard to miss lol.

  2. Welcome Tankslap. Drop down and say hello to the guys at practice at Homebush on a Saturday. They are a welcoming bunch.
  3. Welcome

    love the avatar of my old mate going over the bars :LOL:
  4. Welcome along, tankslap.
  5. Welcome! Hope you feel at home!
  6. cheers guys,

    lol here's the hi res of doohan doin' some gymnastics

  7. Hi and welcome to NR tankslap :)