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Oh yes we're so racist. Um, aren't we?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wolve, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Original article

    A man suffered burns when he tried torching his own car in an insurance scam, police say

    A MAN who said thugs set him alight near his home burned himself while torching his car for an insurance claim, police allege.

    Jaspreet Singh, 29, of Grice Crescent, Essendon, in the city's north, faced an out-of-sessions hearing early this morning before a bail justice at St Kilda Road police complex charged with making a false report to police and criminal damage with a view to gaining a financial advantage.

    The case gained international headlines among a series of attacks by white Australians on Indian nationals in Melbourne.

    Singh, who is in Australia on his wife's student visa, told police he was doused with petrol and set alight as he parked his car near his home early on Saturday, January 8.

    Singh was taken to The Alfred hospital with burns to 15 per cent of his body, affecting his face, arms and hands.

    But Detective Senior Constable Danielle O'Keefe of the arson and explosives squad told the hearing they believe Singh suffered the burns while trying to torch his 2003 Ford Futura.

    Det O'Keefe said arson chemists and hospital staff had concluded the damage to the car, Singh's clothes and his injuries were not consistent with his story.

    "Police inquiries have led us to believe that Mr Singh is in some financial difficulty and that he intended to sell his car but instead stood to gain $11,000 from an insurance claim out of this particular incident," she told the hearing.

    Police had obtained security footage allegedly depicting Singh buying a 15-litre opaque plastic container and 15,96 litres of petrol on the day before the attack.

    The container and other evidence was found at his unit when he was arrested yesterday, Det O'Keefe said.

    She said Singh had been very co-operative but denied all allegations.

    His wife had been questioned about her knowledge of the incident, she said.

    Burns were still obvious on Singh's face and neck, and he wore pressure bandages on his arms.

    Through an interpreter, Singh told the hearing he and his wife planned a holiday to India, leaving on February 20 and returning in late April to visit his child and extended family.

    Det O'Keefe said police did not oppose bail but noted that Mr Singh was a potential flight risk.

    The bail justice, who declined to be named, granted him bail with strict conditions banning him from contacting witnesses and attending points of international departure.

    He must report to police three times a week and surrender his passport.

    He will appear before the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on March 15.

    At the time, police Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Neil Smyth described the attack as "a bit strange" and said there was no evidence the attack was racially motivated.

  2. So what's your point?

    That's this case disproves any notion of racist Australians?
  3. Media has an agenda painting us all Racists. Truth is far from it.
  4. Maybe not all but there are a lot of racist people out there.
  5. Media has an agenda to sell advertising space. All else is secondary.
  6. The word "racist" has been over-used to the point that it is becoming devoid of all meaning.

    Just as any motorist travelling 5 kph over the limit is a "speeding hoon", any Anglo-Celtic Australian who doesn't get onto the "open-borders multi-cultural-melting-pot left-wing-fascist immigration and refugee policy" bandwagon is a "racist".

    Anybody who believes a word the modern media says should be thrown back into creche on the basis of mental development issues.
  7. Racists exist in every country. But I disbelieve that Australia has them in the majority which is what the media would have us think. We have the most tolerant society from what I've seen in my travels.
  8. Everyone's a little bit racist sometimes
    Doesn't mean we go around commiting hate crimes
    Look around and you will find
    No one's really colour blind
    Maybe it's a fact we should face
    Everyone makes judgements *doo doo doo doo* based on race!
  9. when this incident was initially reported the police were careful to say that there was very little evidence to indicate it was a racially motivated attack.
  10. the true fact is before this incident there was bugger all if any anti indian racial feeling in australia.

    If anything this beat up has only shortened the whities patience.
  11. Pah, the Indians I know are more racist than most Aussies.

    People that like to have a go at the idea of Australians being racist are usually the self-loathing type who's opinion doesn't matter anyway.
  12. With half my tongue, firmly in cheek...

    "The media makes out all aussies to be racists. How dare they call me a racist. I'm not a !@#$ racist. Those Indians though..."

    Not 'self-loathing', racist loathing. That's my experience.
  13. Far from it according to my own experience.
  14. I dont really think "australian" is all that much of a nationality since most people have varied genetic lineages, so a racist aussie is a little illogical.
  15. I had something happen last night which made me think on the whole "Indian" thing. My mobile phone rang about 9.00 pm. It was an Indian call centre wanting to flog telecommunications.(despite the fact that I'm registered on the "do not call" list).

    It's the fifth call I've had over the past few weeks, usually at a very inconvenient time. Each time it's been an obviously Indian accent. Now while these are just people trying to carry out a pretty crappy job, if their bosses were trying to initiate a Pavlovian response to hearing an Indian accent and getting pissed off they couldn't have done a better job.

    When you couple that with the pathetic excuses for taxi drivers we have in Melbourne, it strikes me that in many cases the only direct exposure to Indians that many people have is going to be overwhelmingly negative.
  16. Good point. I'd have to be careful insulting anyone least offending at least one of my ancestors...

    Seriously though, the majority of Australians just don't give a **** where you come from, you're judged by what you do, how you contribute to our society. Only a small part would be die hard racists, the same as exist in all countries. However there appears to be a concentrated effort by our Media to portray us as a huge bunch of bigots which I take umbrage with. Our diggers have three words which define us - Courage, Sacrifice & Mateship. There's nothing in there about what you look like, where you're from or what ails you.
  17. Did the Indian Government carry on about this one at the time? If so I'd like to see there responce to this revelation.
  18. Hmmmm... :tantrum:
  19. The fact is, there has been a disproportionate rise in Indian people getting bashed in the last 2 years. Matter of fact, 5 Aussies bashed the crap out of 2 Indians this very morning and were arrested.

    I blame the soft target mentality - there's no Indian martial arts, no Indian tough guy gangs, no drug or crime cartels. They're generally a fairly peaceful bunch. Couple that with annoying call centre guy/taxi driver phenomenon and a general rise in alcohol-fuelled violence in Melbourne these days, and you've got a situation.

    There is clearly a racial element to this - and I believe it's simply that the arsehole thugs that are looking for a fight are seeing Indians as weak targets.
  20. As well as their being seen as "soft targets", there's a certain amount of inter-ethnic stuff around attacks on Indians in Melbourne. Five attacks in Brunswick over the past couple of years were all carried out by young men of "Middle-Eastern appearance" according to the local press.

    Certainly some attacks in the west appeared to be carried out by members of various other ethnic groups. There's a long history of animosity twards Indians in quite a few former colonies. They often represented a moneyed merchant class and were strongly resented as they came to own a lot of the local property. Fiji is a case in point, as is Malaysia.

    Malaysia in fact is an interesting case - you'll notice most students in this country from Malaysia are ethnic Chinese or Indian - not Malay. That's because the majority of places in Malaysian Universities are reserved for ethnic Malays.