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oh yes, time for my Mr A.Lyon prank tomorrow morning ! lol

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Post-It Note - check !
    Mogo Zoo phone number - check !
    Choose who in the office to prank ! . . . - check !

    Remember, it only lasts until 12pm people !

  2. your shoelace is undone (oh gawwd that was sooooooo 1970's)
    i think these days pranks have to be 1 of a kind to get a good laugh out of it, like put sugar in peoples tanks, drink peoples scotch bottles and replace with tea water :grin:
  3. "is your fridge running" ???????
  4. I think the best prank I ever pulled was when I was in ... you guessed it, high school!

    I was a little b*stard. We found one day that on the huge ducts outside the main building for the air conditioning, we could simply unsrew the boards, and viola, we had access to the main air shaft (and by god, you'd be amazed at how fast the wind moves through those things.)

    Anyhoo, on a Friday afternoon, mid February at the start of a heat wave, we went down to the local and got a few fish :)

    It took the whole of about two minutes to pull off the board (one of us on each screw), throw the fish in, and close it up.

    I tell you. There is no smell in the world as horrible as half a dozen fish sitting at the bottom of a ventilation shaft for two days in a heat wave, and then the air con turned on on a Monday morning ...

    My other favourite was "Muckup day" (I THINK it's not just an SA thing ...). We went to the local petshop, bought a dozen mice, and released them in the school library. Fun all around!

    Yes. I never finished school.
  5. Back in my previous life as an IT Manager we distributed a pop-up screen so that when people logged on it told them we were carrying out "Network Vibration Analysis & Testing".

    It asked them to put their ear flat on their desk and their hand flat on the screen for one minute. Then would they please click on the response scale (1 to 10) - for the difference between what they felt with their ear and their hand. We also asked for them to have someone else present while they were doing it to record any changes on the screen. (it cycled through a couple of colour changes during the minute)

    We about 30 genuine responses out of 300 staff

    Including some very senior management. Best of all, we had witnesses... :LOL: