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Oh yeah! i'm riding!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bookofromans, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Got my bike fixed today! thanks to race reps, pretty good service =] it was just battery gah! could have done that myself but better safe than sorry. But anyway my first legit ride! haha

    I need ALOT of practice. lol. Here's the thing, i was riding my bike back home and there's sooo much things on my mind; are there cars around me?; what speed am i at?; i need to change gears; braking, i'm so overwhelmed lol.

    One problem i'm having is with the gearing down. since the learners training course is only in 1st and 2nd it's much different going at higher speeds. i think i'm gearing down too slow and at high speeds and i'm not braking properly but just letting the throttle off. so when i gear down, i'm there's a huge jerk slowing me down. That's just because of my riding at the moment right?

    One more thing.. 15k in 2nd gear, 30 in 3rd?, 50 in 4th? would that be suitable gearing? my bike is so0oo loud feels like im overreving hard.
  2. nah, matey, rev the daylights out of them, they love it.

    Come back and tell us what riding is like in a week's time; nothing teaches you more than doing it. :grin:
  3. Amen brother!!!
  4. you'll have a laugh at yourself in a fortnight when you look back at those numbers, no need to rush yourself but sooner rather than later you'll be hitting the red line before changing gears, it's what your bike is made for.

    have fun with the learning and power curve :grin:
  5. whooo yeah :)
    I just purchased a Kawasaki zxr250
    road it home :) first ride in a long long time :)
    What a rush - descent distance to ride too

    I was also worrying about my speed while riding
    I felt it takes a little away from your general awareness if you look at speed and gears to much. I guess I will get used to knowing without looking by the sound and gear I am in...?

    having said this, with speed cameras i still feel the need to watch my speed.

    I also feel that I need to keep my speed up so I don't piss off cars.

    For some reason I feel that I have to worry about getting out of the way of cars

    big buzzz...

    Also just after getting the bike road worthy certif the guy told me story after story about crashes... scared the shit out of me - which is good I guess.
  6. Yep, most of the 250's only really get any power to speak of waaaayyyy up in the rev range. My dad took a GPX 250 for a ride once, couldn't figure out why if had no get up and go until he reved it up to over 10k before changing up gears.
  7. When shifting down, let the clutch out slowly and try to dial in some throttle to help match the revs.

    I remember when I first got my GPX250... I was scared to take it up above 5000rpm... 5000 is major screaming territory for a car... but less than half the rev range that the 250 is designed for. Wring its neck romans.
  8. haha i still have lots to learn! i'll share with you my experiances and i have alot of questions. lol it was fun and thrilling! but also much of an eye opener for me lol.

    Day Two (hehe)

    spent like ages to get my mirrors right. it my jacket is so0o big it covers it :( but today i reckon i made some good progress. probably got over ambitious because i went to pretty dense traffic areas.

    but yeah, i hit 80ks today! woo! but it was freaky, i was going up a hill on geelong road off millers and it felt like i was gonna be thrown off, yikes! but it means i'm gearing right yeah? =]

    headchecks are hard with a helmet, i feel i have to twist my whole body around, would that be appropiate?

    my helmet visor also fogs up hardcore, i must breathe heavily :( is that normal? i slighty keep the visor open, is that what people do?

    man and people in cars! far out so impatient, must have been overtaken in the same lane 5 times! no one does the limit and it makes me feel like i have to speed as well, but i didn't :)

    i'm also having trouble on hills. stalled 3 times around the north melbourne area :oops: good thing the people in cars there were tame :)

    So what you people are telling me is that i should rev it up to 10k before i change gear? makes my bike sound hardcore lol.

    robsalvv, what do you mean i match my revs? my instructor for my L's briefly touched on this, but i didn't get it and because time didn't permit i didn't ask more. is that 'blipping'?

    i think i'm used to cars that's why im abit scared to rev the bike hard, but all in due time :)

    thanks for all your advice people, greatly appreciated it :) i think i need a mentor lol

    crap! that was a long post sorry :oops:
  9. Romans, get yourself to a Hoppers crossing stayupright rider skills course, or over to Tullamarine and do the equivalent rider skills course at Hart.

    All your expectations, questions and concerns will be addressed.

    When you're up to it, get along to a netriders coffee.


  10. rob.. he's a local as well.. as in in hoppers somewhere.. so will be a newbie to wesside coffee..

    romans.. welcome aboard.. and enjoy the ride. id offer advice, but im probably not the best person to offer advice onthis stuff, im only new to this too.
  11. i rev the piss out of mine, the torque starts at about 8 grand anyway, so might as well use it
  12. thanks ron, im happy to be involve with top people here :)

    hehe in fact i did my learner's at stay upright. had ross as my instructor, he was a champion! i highly recommend stay upright :) i'm only on my L's, can i do them courses? how much do they cost?

    road riding is much different to how we were taught at just 20-25k's. it's pretty impractical, but i guess i need to just expand on the theory lol. maybe im rushing.

    yeah i think i'm pretty confident to go down to willy now since i did goto the outskirts of the city and that wasn't too bad :) so will be seeing the westsiders very soon :grin:
  13. if you want someone to ride down with (depends on alot.. like work shift..we ather etc) lert me know.. usually either myself or port80 is looking for someone to ride down with
  14. romans: I have a GPX250R, and I get nothing below 8000rpm.

    Give her hell, she'll take it.
  15. Most of the 250's get nothing below 8000RPM... don't be afraid to twist the wrist... just keep the confidence/cockiness in check and respect that too much twist of the wrist can get you into trouble and not just out of trouble and you'll be on your way... :cool:

    plenty of good advice for new riders on here... just browse the New riders and riding tips threads coz most of your questions will be answered in there!!
  16. No problem ronin... now go and get your bloody licence! ;) :p

    [... :LOL: that's an example of the friendly wessiders family spirit... :LOL:]
  17. Good on ya for asking questions...I found a lot of good advice from the people on this site - and the westsiders rock...so much so that I moved over the bridge hehe...

    When I first started riding I used to get up early on sunday mornings and ride around quite streets until my confidence picked up and I was happy to get out there with the cars and the higher speeds (my bike doesnt go too fast though so high speed not a major challenge hehe)...its all just practise, and you'll start to know the sound of your bike and how its reacting to the gear changes and speed...

    The fogging of the visor thing - tends to happen to me on really cold mornings (ie most of the time recently) I always keep my visor slightly open and when I'm moving its clear, but when I stop at lights I start to fog up too...dont worry I dont think it means you're a really heavy breather hehe...

  18. haha i can tell i'll be meeting some characters :grin: wouldn't expect nothing less from westsiders haha

    thanks for all the input! this site is awesome! that's why i'm a member :) i really want to get my exams over and done with! need to read up more on bikes lol.