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Oh yeah..first licensed ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wedge, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Out and about today with a little bit of a shower to add to the fun, had a ball, felt totaly in control, shifting was smooth, braking was great, i even remembered to turn off my blinkers after turning :grin:
    Think i'm going to head out tonight later on and cruise the streets, harrasing old people and ogling at girls :LOL:

  2. Well that's answers my question on i just posted. Congrats man, will give you a buzz when Ktulu and I head out and you'll have to join us. :)
  3. Sounds great, keen to practice those corners :grin:
  4. oi, keep your eyes on the road, boyo :LOL:
  5. grats, should come for a ride into newcastle forshore this weekend and meet the gang :)
  6. Onya Wedge. Don't get too distracted by those girlies ;)
  7. Went down to the Old Pac Hwy today for about 4 hrs, love the corners and the weather was great, saw a few other bikes out, not too many cages :wink:
    All in all it was a great introduction to proper corners and heaps of fun....no girls though :wink:
  8. Gday wedge, I'm just in the throws of getting my first wheels too. How do you find the Suzuki for your first?

    I live in East Gosford, passed my learners a week ago, bought a lid yesterday at Gosford Motorcycles. Fun times to come!!!