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Oh yeah, bring on the Duke

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by emsie, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Dropped into a Ducati shop today to sit my toosh on a Monster 620 this morning. I pretty much already decided it was gonna be my next bike and to be honest if I get it with the throttle restrictions which would make it learner legal (even if I'm not on my Ls), it almost becomes a second bike the day I get the restrictions taken off :cool:

    Now comes the interesting part. For those of you who're concerned about height, I'm 5'2" or so and I was almost flat foot on the ground on both sides. It was noticeably heavier than my VTR250 which is pretty much expected, but I could still move it around a bit. The salesman was quick to tell me the bike is popular with ladies because it is so low - I have to admit, it was actually easier getting on the 620 than my own bike!

    Bearing in mind that I didn't ride it *laugh* the best I was game enough to do was sit on it and move it around a bit :wink:

    All this said, I still have a long way to go on my VTR250 and I reckon even when I'm off LAMS restrictions, I'll still get a restricted 620!! Personally don't see the point in upgrading unless I'm ready :)

    Anyone got any goss on riding a Monster 620 (new or 2nd hand)? Is it going to live up to all of my dreams? ;) *dreamy sigh* Couldn't find any posts similar in a search so please excuse me if I've asked something someone else has!
  2. I rode a 1998 M600 for seven years.
    It was a blast.
  3. Its a Ducati, what else needs to be said. :cool:
  4. Emsie, I've had my 620 for 3 months now & just finished running it in on my daily commute with an occasional weekend blat.

    Great fun, smooth power delivery that will get you to the posted speed limit (& beyond) surprisingly quickly, good brakes, tips into corners willingly & no real vices that I've come across so far.

    Mine is unrestricted & I try to ride within my limits, but I've read someplace that its not too difficult to remove the restrictor from the throttle body.

    The riding position is between upright and sports, I haven't had any issues with sore wrists or back and is quite comfy for me (I'm 6'1"), the seat does get a bit hard after a couple of hours but then my old CB250 did too. :LOL:

    In short I love my little monster, shes great fun & the duke burble is so sweet.

    My advice, if it feels right go for it, you won't be disappointed.


  5. I agree with everything that Ewan has said, I have had the restricted 620 for 3 months now and absolutely love it.

  6. My previous bike was a Ducati Monster 620sie. I owned it for two years and was happy with the bike. I added a few modications, I had the seat modified so I could flat foot, (I am 5'4) and I installed an Ohlins Steering dampner. It handled beautifully. Here is a pic of the monster, as you can see I am not a big woman, and had no problems riding the bike.



  7. ntewan: I certainly get that impression - it felt even better sitting on it in the shop than my vtr250 did, so if if feels even half as good on the road as my vtr250 when the time comes, I am looking forward to it indeed :D

    Liv2Ryd: very nice looking bike indeed .. really sweet :)