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Oh Wise ones- stuck in 250 land and want something bigger

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cider, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Hello

    I'm new to the 2 wheel game and basically have no idea. (if a sales rep is out there they could easily part a fool with his money. LOL) Just got my L's and I'm very keen to get a bike. I have been on the road on 4 wheels for 20 years and on the accoustic 2 wheels version ( push bike! - lol) for longer than that.

    I love speed and acceleration hence why I have the sports car but I'm nervous to consider a sports bike because frankly I think I will wipe my self out.

    So I'm thinking cruiser. I like the look of the Yamaha XVS 250 V star.

    I have read the pros and cons of new vs old and undersatnd that you just have to get through the 250 period over and done with in the 12 months and enjoy what the big bike world has to offer once you are able to do so.

    What I'm struggling with is the decsion to go with a 250 cruiser I like the look of and feel of or do I just get a bike ( CBR 250 / hornet 250 or the like ) and be done with it.

    I like the look of sport bikes but have been told that L platers get hammered on insurance due to the fearings etc on these type of bikes not to mention the cost of repair. But and here's the but are they more popular with new riders???

    Things that are on my mind - resale / style of bike ( I'm making the assumption as I'm a little older than most 250 buyers ( big assumption I guess) and my taste my be less popular than what the young people are riding - therefore, making it difficult to sell the bike in the future.) SO I'm concerened about resales of 250 cruisers .

    What I have seen on the market is that there are lots of XV virago's on the market and not as many XVS 250 V-stars.

    Is that because the V-Star is no good or just a higher priced product. Is the Virago XV 250 ok or is it considered a girlie bike - :grin: and I have to state no offense intended to the lovely ladies out there. :grin: It looks girlie to me. :wink:

    To be honest I would rather just go to a larger bike but the law is the law. So 12 months on the 250 is what we all have to deal with.

    At the end of the day I want to get on the road and I like the XVS-250 and would like to get some feedback on what others think of this bike in terms of enjoyment and resale and what you think of the other 250 cruisers on the market.

    I would appreciate any wisdom you can impart.


    The Cider :)
  2. First of all, your profie doesn't say what state you're from - because if you're in NSW you could get a Hyosung 650 cruiser in LAMS form and then de-restrict it once the time comes - and that would seem like an ideal solution for you!

    But if you're in one of the states that don't have LAMS, well, you're forced to get a 250. The good news is, that applies to all other new riders in your state as well, so the resale value of your mini-cruiser should be quite solid. Quite a few shorter beginners like cruisers because their seats are so low... so you should be OK when the time comes to sell.
  3. Welcome cider, so what sportscar are you driving? As for bikes I don't think you really need worry about any 250 being dangerously fast, in fact many of the 250 cruisers are flat-out at 110 kph and are more suited to cruising at 80kph. Sports 250s, even a naked v-twin like the VTR will however have no problems getting to 150kph (or more) which makes them better suited to highway use. Don't think you need to worry too much about the acceleration of a sports 250, they're quick but they're not that quick (especially once you get above 80-100kph).
  4. I got a CBR250RR as my first bike, insurance is about $500 a year.

    They seem quite fast when you're new to road riding, or riding in general so they are good fun. But once you get used to them, they feel a little sluggish. Even around the 0-100 in 6 second mark. Although, I believe they are close to, if not the fastest L plate legal bike. As you could probably tell... I'm looking to upgrade soon.
  5. Re: Oh Wise ones- stuck in 250 land and want something bigge

    i dont know too much, but my Dad rode one of these, commuted to work for a coupla years on it, and he seemed to like it... did a lot of k's on it, and managed to get a reasonable trade in when he went for a bigger cruiser...
  6. No, in Victoria that prize would probably have to go to the Aprillia RS250 which is much, much faster (but 2-stroke). In LAMs states something like a SZR660 would also be much quicker than a CBR(more power, more torque, less weight).
  7. Re: Oh Wise ones- stuck in 250 land and want something bigge

    I haven't seen a lot for SALE, but I have seen a lot AROUND.]
    Which leads me to believe - people buy em & love em.

    Personally, I say buy the bike you like the best. who cares about re-sale? you want riding to be fun & enjoyable & comfy. so go to a dealer, try a few bikes out & get the one you feel is "right" for you.
  8. Fair enough with the Aprillia, a mate of mine bought one, I took it for a spin... definitely zippier than my bike. But unfortunately we can't ride 2 strokes here.

    As for the SZR660, I've not seen too many around... and I've never been beaten by any other L or P platers that have tried to drag me from the lights on any other bike. I was beaten once by another CBR, but they guy looked about 20kg lighter than me.

    PS: why don't my quotes work?
  9. Doesn't mean much, change the sprockets on any 250 and you could probably drag off anything you want at the lights (up to 60kph). There's a few 4-stroke learner legal dirtbikes out there that are incredibly quick off the mark thanks to low gearing if drag racing is to be the only measure of what's "fast". Point is no matter how fast you think your bike is there's always going to be something/one out there quicker than you so it's not worth worrying about.
  10. Most 250 strokers are a lot quicker than comparable 250 4-strokes.

    The RVF400 is one of (if not) the quickest LAMS bikes (hence their inflated price!). Although output is stated at 53hp (mandatory Japanese 400cc power limit >1993) realistically it's close to 60hp.
  11. Cider my brother has a VTR 250 and honestly mate it is the most learner friendly bike I have ever been on. They dont weigh to much so the are easy to lean and they dont stop to bad either. All in all a great bike to learn on with a little bit more zip than the V-Star and I would say there would be a lot more of them in the second hand market
  12. I briefly had a vtr250, best learners bike around I reckon.


    Edit: Not as pretty as an SRV250 though!
  13. Want a VTR with out the price tag?? Get a Spada!!!

  14. Accelleration is the only thing that matters on the street... it's not like you can go all out to top speed. My 250 will do 180kph, but I'm not about to on the road.

    But as in my initial post, I was saying my bike is too slow... I'm saving to get myself a Duke 916... 2.3 seconds from 0-100. More like it :)
  15. hmmm should have given sate details

    Thanks for your reply - I'm in VIc so yes it's the 250 that I have to deal with. Thanks for your time.

  16. I feel so welcome - thanks for taking the time to make me feel welcome. I'm looking forward to getting on the road and giving you guys an acknowledging nod of the viser .... lol

    The sports car is a little indulgent - 2001 911 tip cabriolet which is nice and fast with lots of air bags.

    Ok I get the 250 struggle to get to the 100km/h mark.

    Yes the I have heard the Aprillia is a very quick bike and a police car magnet as well......

    Enjoy the sunshine

  17. I will have to look at the SRV-250!!!!
  18. now i'm not huge on figures and specs, but that sounds a bit quick for a litreclass twin thats a few years old? a gsxr1000 is supposed to do it in about 2.9 or something, hard to beleive a bike minus ~40hp or so might be able to beat it :shock:

    they look fuggen tops tho dont they :cool: just dont like that clutch noise :? my theory is that dukes need that noise to cover up the sound of the bearings shitting themselves because riders cant afford the servicing :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Just had a look at the svr - I like what I see and it's even a triumpthesk which is what I want to get when I grow up - lol
  20. sorry guys I messed up the attachment of the previous message

    very new to this and computers and life in general.