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Oh what a night to forget ( update )

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by PNUCKLE, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Had a nice day with the boy's doing the maintenance course at my place in the arvo all was good :grin:

    Had my dinner and sitting down having a quiet beer or two in my lounge all is good. :grin: Party up the road that had been going since about noon getting much noisier by now at 8:30. All is good :grin:

    11pm The burn outs start in the street out the front of there place. As long as they keep it down there all is ok.

    Then one Numpty, Pickle, Cock sucking wanker bastard arse licker doing the burn out comes down the road smoking them up smashes into my car that's parked on my nature strip and takes off. I run to see if i can see the car up the street cos all i can smell is a blown diff oil outside. My car is now over the footpath in my front yard against a tree. The car is undrivable cos the gear box being front wheel drive is in my wheel arch now.

    Cop's found the car impounded it , gave me adress and details, told every one in the party if they hear 1 whisper again tonight from the party 30 officer's will be kicking in there door.

    For once the copper's were on my side

  2. That really sucks :(
    Was the car stolen or did the guy just dump it?
  3. Nah mate the car was his and he was a very pissed P plater too boot
  4. Pricks!!! Absolute pricks!!
  5. Fark! What an arsehole! :evil:

    Hopefully you have an insurance company that can deal with the little **** for you. I'd be uninclined to bring up the fact that he was pissed too often (unless he's already been booked) cause his insurer mighn't pay if he was drinking. :cry:
  6. I've got something better than he has..A very vindictive biatch of a missus and a lawyer that is a greeeedy bastard so he's doomed..ahahahahaahahahah
  7. Oh man what a mofo :(

    Sorry to hear it.

    Look mate, if ya missus is that much of a biatch, I'll happily take her off ya hands :LOL: :LOL:

    I think I'm dead :)
  8. Gee'zuz PNUT
    what a Headache :shock:

    spose you will have to ride the bike to work :biker:

    slaps Vic on the wrist [-X
  9. If he's insured (lets face it, how many P Platers can afford it) he wont be covered by his insurance due to drink driving plus the fact he's a P plater and should be zero, hopefully because your car is (I hope) insured and you can name the other driver your insurance company will nail his hide to the wall for it and save you the hassle of the whole thing.
  10. i guess at least you know the cops got em......

    that still suck arse though!
  11. Bummer Dean - hope it all works out in the long run ........... :cry: :)
  12. Damn, the inconvenience sucks, but it turned out pretty well in the end.

    Your insurance company will take him to court, and whether he can afford to fix your car or not, whether his insurance wipes him off or not, will not impact you one bit. Even iff he pays your insurance company $1 a week for the rest of his life, you will get your excess back as soon as the magistrate finds him responsible. Thank your lucky stars the cops found him.

    And good on the police for doing the right thing, that's really good to hear, I wish we heard about them doing the right thing more often.

  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Hope you get it sorted all out Pnut without too many hassles...and I think the driver will be walking for quite a while too - no less than he deserves.
  14. I live in langwarrin too. Was it near the north road area? lots of parties and burnouts last night. What pricks!
  15. What a peannut!!!! :LOL:

    What an absolute wanker! If these people live with their parents i reckon you might have some peace and quiet for a very long time. :)

    Coulda been worse........ coulda been the bike! :(
  16. Deano, that sucks mate.
    And they're pussyfooting around with b.s fines and suspended sentances for this kind of rubbish.
    Manadatory sentancing bring it on for this type of loser. We had the same sort of behaviour from the peanuts across the road a fortnight ago. Party for 50 people, 250 gatecrashers and 30 police later.
  17. Cheers people..Just an inconveniance is what pisses me off. I only drive the car 30k's a day to get to and from work. That's another thing he'll be paying for loss of wages :shock:
  18. Hey PNUT that just sucks, you only just got that car right (or am I thinking of somebody else)? Hope you get full financial payback, most of all I hope you make this guy suffer. Drink driving is just poo. Then running off and not letting you know - does this kid have any good personality traits?
  19. That f*cker! :evil:

    Hope it's sorted quickly, with bikes and cars I think we should probably change the name from Netrider to Netwrecker.
  20. Hope the dumb p-poofter is catching the bus for years, some people have to learn the hard way.