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Oh what a day..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Enigma, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. The sun is shining, The sweat is dripping underneath my jacket.. Yep, This is a good day to ride... But.. Or is it?

    Day seemed to go well on the way to parra, Seems great. So i stop over to a mates place to ask if he wanted to go for a ride. After a short decline. I decide to hop back on to meet with another cruise mate.

    Shortly after, This is where all the drama starts to kick in.

    As im cruising through parramatta to birken head point. Some stupid cager in a new model ford decides he will cut in front of me. I let that one slide because he gave me a friendly "sorry" gesture. But WTH does he think he is doing when he decides to brake hard as if he is a formula 1 driver. But good for me, My spidey sense kicked in and i swerved out of the way.. ON the wrong side of the road to avoid me ramming a tyre up his rear end. Again he apologised, And i set off.

    It came to my mind.. Problems always somes in 3's, So i'd expect another 2 things to happen. And sure enough, they did.

    So me and a mate (with 1 demerit left.. Damn ducati 999 riders) decide to head off to eat. And sure enough. I started feeling a twitch in my head.. SPIDEY SENSE. *sirens*. Ok, here we go.

    Robert - "Whats the problem officer"
    Officer - "I see you were giving it a bit of gas around that roundabout, But unfortunately i didn't catch it on radar.. "


    O -"But thats not the reason why i pulled you over. You have a mighty big bike there for a learner"
    R - "Yes officer it is, And its learner legal too"
    O - "Whats the capacity of it"
    R - "650"
    O - "Learners are restricted to riding 250cc bikes only"
    R - "If you check the registration label is says LAM on it"
    O - "Well its either your telling the truth or your a very good liar, Because these labels can be forged"
    :? :roll:
    R thinks "Hrmm, so he doesn't know the law. Perfect example of revenue raising"
    O - "bare with me a couple of minutes, Im going to call my boss and ask him"
    R - "Sure, go ahead"

    tic tic tic.. 10 minutes later

    O - "well its not very often we get proven wrong, But here is your licence"
    R - "Thanks officer."

    After i got my licence back, Mr officer started asking me about the bike and how he is also thinking of getting a bike too. So he wrote down the model of my bike. And we decide to have a little chat about bikes, Ghostrider, etc..

    Now on the way back home, im thinking.. What ever happened to the 3rd incident. Well, looks like i spoke too soon, Because my spidey sense didnt kick in, As im casually taking a right hander over near ryde, My front decides that it likes it better in a groove than on the black stuff. Thats when i get a mighty scare when the handle bars decide to go left,right,left, and slightly throw me off balance and directing me towards the middle lane with 1 of about 1000000 lancers with clear tail lights. Luckily i was able to pull out of the groove and counter further and stay in the lane.

    Thats when i decide. Maybe i should get home, Tuck my bike in bed, And log onto netrider..

    Stay tuned for the next chapter
  2. Glad to hear of a happy ending to that chapter...
  3. ya know... this all could of been avoided if only you came out with us to the blue mountains!!~~!!!

    glad you proved the officer wrong ay.
  4. I was thinking exactly the same thing, dante! :LOL:
  5. Who would be stupid enough to put on their L plates if they where riding an oversized bike. The officers should really know the laws they are inforcing.

    But anyway good to see you got home in one piece :p
  6. Sounds like a interesting day Robert.

    I was thinking this would happen alot with the size of the bike and the L plate ,when i was looking at the Hyo .
    Guess it may become a monthly thing ,untill they learn about the 650 hyo.
    You did tell the cop to join netrider ,when he gets his licence. LOL.

    See you next coffee night.
  7. Hahah, ofcourse a little shameless plug about netrider didn't hurt,

    I acually reccommended him to check out netrider for information
  8. was that on Victoria Road heading west near Top Ryde? There is a left then right bend in the road as you near the Ryde Road overpass. Middle and right lanes have the black stuff in them and damn near scare me to death whenever I forget. I generally remember to be in the left lane when I go through that section.
  9. Yep!!. Exactly that, Just before that big intersection heading to parramatta.

    I usually take the left lane too. But i couldnt merge prior
  10. hmm coppers only know bikes if they are riding them,i had a copper asl me if my commodore was a 6 0r v8 when he lifted the bonnett me told him count the leads braniac