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oh what a bike ..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blodders, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. i headed north over the Easter break like all good mexican's too find my self in Sydney for a few days of R&R,
    any and old mate of mine that has always had some of the nicest naked bikes (900 monster and z1000) offers me his bike for a day.... HELL YER.... looks like i'm in for a days riding and relaxation :p

    "oh but i've down sized is only a 200cc "

    :-O i'm worried... so i head out to have a look at this bike....
    will it be able to keep up the the crazy city traffic :S

    he hands me an open face helmet (with googles) and ask wiether i have started a bike with a kick start.


    we get out out to the bike and my jaw drops i give you the DEUS Monster children TW :-O


    he had to leave so he chucked me the keys and ran off

    i jumped on and instantly realised that the handle bars a ... for a use of a better word F@$@KEN HUGE..... and the gate was not.. so a bit of side ways tipping and giggleing i get it though and on to the road.
    on the second Kick it catches and comes to life with a very pleasant tone. not deafening just but loud enough to turn heads :p not that it need any help there

    off i set in a part of sydney i never really knew (sober)
    the bike was a hoot to ride quick-ish off the line in traffic, corners like a dream with that huge bubble of a rear wheel sticking well out the back.

    at every set of lights some one would stop you and ask questions about it until there time was up and i could make my escape.

    soo much for looking mean and tough on a motorcycle, might have had something to do with my stupidly large grin that wasn't being hidden by the open face helmet.

    after a whole day riding and cursing around i think i'm in love with this confused little bike.

    if you ever get to try one.... DO you wont regret it :p

    (sorry about the rant, thought you'd appreciate something like this)

  2. Deus Ex Machina, usually big single yammy's. They're on Parramatta road. Ex Mambo guy I think is co-owner, has got some fashion and also a cafe next to showroom, all bike related. Nice stop to visit.

    Posting this because of the irony that I wish Tiger Angel had something up here and the mexican is loving what we have here.
  3. Wow, super-minimalist. Love it. :)
  4. I'm just picturing you with an open faced helmet :LOL: :wink:
  5. Looks like a very fun bike to throw around the streets
  6. mclvn- the grass is always green on the other side :p

    undi - haha and nothing eles? ;P
  7. Pox bike, Muggles.