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Oh what a beautiful morning...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Did anyone else get the urge to make their morning commute last all day?

    Riding into the city this morning - blue sky, crisp and cool conditions but not really cold, sun shining, drivers checking their mirrors and indicating...

    One of those mornings where things just go well.

    Bopping along the freeway, happily playing time-and-space games with the cars and trucks, having a good time.

    Then a guy on a GSX-R gives me a little perspective by playing the same games at a much higher level, slipping through the traffic at least 20 klicks quicker than me. But he's neat and safe. He's doing it in his comfort zone, I'm doing it in mine. It's all good.

    "It's all good" - that's what the bloke on the Hayabusa said to me at a red light one night last week when I asked him what it was like riding it in the pissing down rain.

    Sure is. :)
  2. not riding sucks :(
    have to await for the doors to open at each station for the next bunch of weirdos to jump on !
  3. I usually do, but not this morning. I was a bit cold and tired riding in at 7am so my backside was coping a pounding from the speed humps cause I didn't have the energy to fully lift myself up. I could have gone below the speed limit but I was hanging to get to work for a coffee and a smoke.

    Thinking about the cold this morning also made me remember that I left the heater on in my room. It only a crappy oil heater so it no danger - but it chews through the electricity. As soon as gran answers the phone it'll be right.

    So thanks the inadvertent reminder. I owe you a drink if ever I rock up to one of these coffee nights! :)
  4. it's overcast here in sydney, but still a beautiful morning. It was a bit cold though, my thighs froze lol. I normally wear skins but last night I wore them to training and sweat em out so I couldn't wear crotch sweat smelling skins to work.

    But yeah great day for riding as always. I used to enjoy driving but now I feel safer riding since I got more r oad to use lol. :LOL:
  5. It was a bit cold wasn't it? I washed my hair this morning, so had wet hair in my helmet and against my neck making things even colder. Neck warmer, 3 layers plus leather jacket... thigh high socks under my jeans. Was fine. :)
  6. your in syd flash? do you ride with anyone from the forum? I don't know anyone that rides so I'm trying to hook up with some folks hopefully I can meet a few on the first coffee night July 12th at homebush
  7. Oh please, it never gets cold in Sydney. Canberra, yes, but Sydney??? pfffft

    I'd love to go for a ride today, but at the risk of being thrown out of the club, I'm actually off to play a game of golf now. Gotta love school holidays.
  8. Yeah, I ride with Sanzy, when he's not in traction... Also Josh909 and of course the boys on the coffee nights. I mostly ride with my boyfriend, however, who lurks (Hi Jordan!) but doesn't post. I also ride with Girls Ride Out when I do the big rides.

    If you wanna meet some people and are free tonight, we're going to visit Sanzy at liverpool hospital after work. PM me if you're interested, otherwise I'll see you next Tues at Homebush.
  9. got soccer training again tonight but I'll definitely see you guys next week at homebush :wink:
  10. I thought the same coming home last night from work . Every-one , and i mean every-one was just cruising at the speed limit . Then coming up to the hoppers crossing turn off , a car flew , or should i say vanished past me . He must of been doing at least 200 , it was like a blur . Tho i have noticed the decline in riders at night .