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Oh the Torment of it all

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Medic please, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Sitting here child minding as I listen to bike after bike heading off or returning from a ride.

    It's a perfest day for it, my bike is in perfect working order, the tanks full and I was all set to head off at 1pm while the rest of the family went off for a swim.

    Well my son decided he would rather stay home so he could play with his mates so here I am stuck.

    I still have a slim chance of getting out later if they come home at a reasonable time but no guarrantee and listening to the bikes go by is tormenting the crap out of me.

    Baby sitting anyone? :cry:
  2. You need to replay moto gp races!
  3. Nice suggestion but I've done that already.

    I'm looking into ride days and schools now
  4. You need to put your bike infront of the TV and replay moto GP and lean left and right making the sound effects.
  5. We had to babysit our grandson last night.
    Daughter picked bub up around 12:00, Wife then went clothes shopping ..
    so off I went for an hrs ride :dance:
  6. I'm enjoying the window of opportunity while I can; my daughter is due to present us with our first grand-child in March next year, so sitting duties can't be far away :LOL:.

    Let's see; Macquarie Pass yesterday, ditto today, Bombala with the Musketeers next weekend, Bombala Festival of Motorcycles the weekend after, Netrider Christmas BBQ and an excuse to ride the Alpine Highway again sometime in December, life's good :).
  7. Geez louise just rub it in :wink:

    Me and a couple of mates do just that on Philip Is race day. We pick our riders and have time penalties for toilet breaks, spillages and swearing
    (kids around looking proudly at their hero dads ofcourse). A dropped beer is a DNF.
  8. that would suck, hornet600 sounds like ur onto a good thing there :)
  9. I went for a ride too :LOL: After finishing some studies. Went for a 2 hour lunch and blat ;)
  10. UPDATE!!!

    Groan....no ride :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I tinkered on the bike, watched some vids on the net, reseached ride days/schools, and watched some old gp's but none of it hit the spot.

    I still have a craving ](*,)
  11. bloody sook
  12. There's only one thing to say to that................WWWAAAAAHHHAAA!