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Oh.. The Joys..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by karl, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Passed Pre-Learners last week on Thurdsay (NSW), had to wait Till this Wednesday to do the computer test at RTA. That was rediculously easy, the old lady did not even comment that I got 100% of 45 questions right in about 8 minutes..
    Now out on the road, it is a simillar feeling when I went Solo in plane but I feel more comfortable on the bike. Possibly due to may years riding pedal bikes on the road. Went on my first decent ride in traffic after work last night to my fathers place and had a ball.
    5 minutes out from work while stopped at lights, a girl on bike pulls up next to me and gives the friendly nod/wave. Cool. Had a few others along the way aknowledge a fellow rider. Seems like riders are friendly bunch. Very happy I did this.

  2. Good to hear!
  3. good to hear your enjoying it
    Cant say my first plane solo was like riding a bike
    but i guess i've been riding for 30+ years and only flying for 2

    Stay upright :grin:
  4. Great to hear - I know exactly what you mean!
  5. Great stuff! See you out there!
  6. Phizog,
    I should be up the beach soon and perhaps that learner ride in early Feb. If you still want to catch up some time let me know or give me a call. I PM'd my mobile number to you before.