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Oh the Irony.. 6 month Winter Hibernation.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rohizle, May 26, 2011.

  1. Not a near miss, but im venting, i posted the following in the Dragnet thread, on busting people for driving unregistered / unlicensed.

    Sooo... get home that afternoon and i had an excessive speeding infringement notice in the mail (side note, the infringement is not listed on vic roads site), only my second infringement ever, but a long time coming.

    I was in the cage & got pinged in an abandonded construction zone a few weeks ago, pretty much ignoring the posted dropped limit & spewing cause i saw the parked car, but it was facing the other way and i ignored =D>. Done doing 30 odd over the limit ](*,).

    Ive seen a lawyer & he didnt help at all, will check out the pic this week but have pretty much accepted that i wont be driving or RIDING!!! for 6 months from early next month.

    Sucks because i just got over my noob hump and meeting some pretty awesome people via netrider, but that going on the back burner for a while & possibly forcing me into selling the bike also, stay safe & smarter than me guys. FML. :furious:
  2. Yes, i resent speed signs set up for workers that are'nt there. Usually over weekends.
    Setting up to camera a vacant speed zone, was poor form, abd a low act, especially since it is really technicality. This alway happens on weekends when workers are not working but the signs are left there.

    Sorry you got clobbered, mate.
    On the day, have your say...that no workers present, so no danger, so you drove through at normal speed, acknowledging the signs in place.

    You may get a fair hearing and a reasonable magistrate.
  3. Sorry to hear bout your ordeal.
    Chin up, sell the bike if you need to.
    6 months later get a bike again and join the fray.
  4. Try not to sell the bike if you can hang on to it.
    It's a long way back from "bikeless" sometimes...
  5. Check what the regulations are for construction zones.

    There is a very set way that councils have to set up the zones and have workmen standing there regulating traffic, signage and all the appropriate visual aids (i.e. cones) usually. However, given you have already seen a lawyer, you might have already considered this.
  6. That sucks man! At least it's only 6 months, and not a year...you'll be back in time for summer which is one good thing I guess...

    That's pretty bs. We've got construction down our street at the moment and we've ALWAYS got a dude just sitting in front of one of the houses waiting to take your picture. I actually got snapped a few weeks ago in a similar situation to yours but the signs were put away and I was just plain speeding.

    Take it easy man, the shite weather will pass and in no time you'll be enjoying the sun back on 2 wheels...
  7. Damn that sucks. Best of luck in court.

    Try not to sell the bike. If you don't know anyone who can take it for the occaisonal ride, just store it away. I'm not 100% sure on what needs to be done, but from memory you need to fill the tank and put in some fuel stablizer, fill the sump and there's a few other things as well. I'm sure there's people here who could advise you better than me.
  8. way to skip the winter months ;)

    "i'm not riding in this f*ucking cold weather. i need to do something radical, and fast! i know, i'll get a 6 month suspension! bwahahaha way to do it for sure! no one will know! i won't look like a wuss who can't handle the cold!"

    (sorry... just trying to make light of the situation. good thing you can man up and admit what you did. won't take too long at all - now you can stay warm!)
  9. Reason im thinking of selling; I have always planned to upgrade as soon as i get off my full license which is the "1 year min usage of a LAM's bike". It will be 4ish months to go when i get my license back, and i will be looking for GSX-R and have told myself i can bare not riding for 10 months.

    My dad is an old rider, but hasnt had a bike for years and im urging him to keep it warm for me, he could have ridden it the whole time ive had it, but he has rarely resulting in considering selling it.

    @ adprom ~ I work for a council, and have a fair understanding of work site safety setup, so i will go back and scope it out for anything missing or not to regulation. Im reaching now tho :/

    @ lowercase ~ I take my winter breaks srs.

    Fuaaark public transport!!
  10. Get a sidecar and I'll hook you up.
  11. Thought I'd post this up for everyone. This is for Victoria only so other states might have something similar.

    It's the criteria a mobile speed camera operator needs to abide by before operation of the camera.


    Pretty useful information.

    Also Rohizle, keep the bike and turn it into a track bike. Get someone to tow it to the track and get some riding out of you :D...or just get a push bike and pretend you're going fast around corners :D
  12. you always worry about those "work zone speed limits are enforced" signs, even if the area is deserted, don't you???

    quite a few Netriders in the same boat have bought pushies, got around for the duration AND improved their health into the bargain

    (NONE of them have ever been game to post a pic of them ATGATT, however :LOL:)
  13. Here we go hornet.

  14. gloves? boots? pfft, call yourself an ATGATT'er on a pushie? PAH!