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Oh the injustice, oh I'm impressed, oh bugger I missed it...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sudz, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. "A BARMAID has been fined for crushing beer cans between her bare breasts while an off-duty colleague has been fined for hanging spoons from her friend's nipples."


  2. [​IMG]
    Its not April 1 is it?
  3. Here's a poor mans version of it here
  4. "We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour in our licensed premises."

    Why the f*ck not? Who is it harming? Sounds like good old-fashioned fun to me, a bit of shenanigans from the bar staff who are obviously having a good time. What a crock.

    I'm going to hang spoons from my nipples in protest. I encourage you all to do the same.
  5. I walked into my local the other day at 2pm and they had one topless waitress, while the other one walked around getting enough gold coin donations before her top came off as well. :LOL:
  6. Ah bless them.
  7. And remove my smart-casual sporks in order to do so?

  8. Warm 'em up first Loz!

    Take the word of one who knows . . . :shock:
  9. But wait!, there is more today;

    "She was also observed to crush a can between her buttocks.

    "They (the police) told me I was attracting too much attention to my sexuality ... because I was crushing cans with my breasts," Faveri, an Italian, said in an interview with Channel 7.

    "I can't believe it. I think it's a farce."

    Raunchy Promotions owner Steve Zielinski, who contracted Faveri to the hotel, labelled the charges "a massive over-reaction and an absolute joke", ninemsn reports.

    "The girl did nothing wrong you'd see more down on the beach on a Sunday," he said.

    "To be taken to court for showing your boobs is an absolute joke.

    "It's not like she was having sex with a bar tap or anything over the top like that. "

  10. At the time, she was working as a "skimpy barmaid" - which is near as all buggery to topless. This is an absolute crock of shite. What sort of mongrel would tape her on his mobile phone and dob her in?
  11. Harold Scruby
  12. LMAO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Indulge a sandgroper mate, who, pray tell is Harold Scruby, and why isn't he dead?
  14. But he doesn't know what a naked woman looks like, so how would he know the laws that apply?
  15. Some loser homo with a fax machine
  16. #1 at the top of the list of people who will go up against the wall when the revolution comes :evil:.
  17. Loz, get retro - go the Splade !!!
  18. Right on, brother, I'm going to stab the next prick that calls it a "spork."
  19. Thanks, went there, read that. A fruitcake indeed, a home baked heavy on the raisins fruitcake, but not a bigot it seems, he's happy to shit on anyone at all. "Targets included the mayor's toupee, incontinent canines, smokers and joggers on public streets. "