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OH the Hyppocrisy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, May 5, 2010.

  1. OH the Hypocrisy (not hyppocrisy)

    Talk about SPRUNG BAD, imagine a right wing Christian minister hires a "rent boy" because he had a bad back.
    Hahahaha this made my night.
  2. Oh man! Now I can sleep well :D

  3. Not uncommon Ted haggard, big name in evangelical churches and outspoken anti gay crusader ...... Guess what ? Yep. Caught with a gay escort doing drugs.
  4. The most delicious part is Smee (a teacher and grammar Nazi) misspelling a thread title. :bolt:
  5. Screen cap for later use lol
  6. He was doing research. Or maybe he was trying to strighten the poor lad out.:rofl:
  7. You stole my thunder LOL

    Link has been moved? I cannot access story](*,)
  8. Freaking hilarious.
  9. I am always suspicious of loud, evangelical christians. In my experience, they are either purely in it for the money, or are the thing they preach against most. They hate what they are, but can't change themselves, so they deny who they are, and try to change everyone around them.

    Real Chritian people are more likely to be quite and self assured, rather than loud, pushy, and condemning of others.

    It is so cliche, and so often true.
  10. and this sort of thing NEVER happens in the orthodox churches, of course
  11. Of course it does. And they are just as hypocritical.
  12. Hornet it most certainly does and it has been an issue where rampant homosexuality was a real problem amongst the monks on Mt. Athos.
    Your argument is invalid in this sense because it does happen:)
  13. Thank goodness it's only christians who say one thing and do another!
  14. Nah, just loudmouth ones

  15. ...Oh no!!.. they do unto others as they would have done unto them!!... :LOL:
  16. Human pride takes yet another victim. People don't learn.