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Oh the Huge Manatee

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. The GTR1000

  2. The Vulcan

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  3. Keep the VTR yah Wimp

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  1. Do I or not?

    With the getting of wisdom......... or is it just getting old ? :rofl:

    With the VTR well and truly mothballed, oh she gets out for a ride once a month, but I pay for it for the next week or so :cry: and Nadeen with constant elbow problems [ even worse than mine :shock: ] So her Virago is even getting out less :? :cry:

    Over the last few days we have been looking at trading em both in on something a little more two up comfortable and less demanding for me.
    With budget in mind, and the few choices available here in Coff's we are down to a choice of TWO

    Kawka GTR1000 fully optioned
    Kawka Vulcan 1500 fully optioned

    So do I go for the full cruiser look?
    Or stay semi true and go the more sport tourer ? :LOL:

    Ps: in hindsight we shouldn't have traded the FJR1300 in on her virago 1100........... but as they say, 'Sh** happens' :? :LOL:

  2. The Vulcan rocks!

    No question! :cool:
  3. wild hogs - go the vulcan
  4. The GTR will tour better than the Vulcan, and give you the chance to ride like a sporty when the mood takes you.
  5. how much do you want for the vtr? PM me.
  6. Definitley the Sport Tourer - ya not old enough for a Cruiser :p

    Why limit yourself to Coffs - ease of trade in? Half days riding to Sydney or Brisbane really open up your choices.
  7. yup ease of trade in when working a 5.5 day week :)
  8. ??? See below!




    Wild man, wild!
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  10. OR..............

    Wait for the new VFr to come out. May be worth a look.

    Cam (yes I am biased) :p
  11. Re: Oh the Huge Manity

    that is the most awesome looking grandpa bike i've ever seen! :wink:
  12. I haven't ridden the Vulcan Heater nor have I ridden the new GTR, but I have spent some time with the original model GTR and I hated it.
    Terrible screen, buffeted all the time at highway speeds and deflected airinto my back putting pressure onto my wrists, sounds weird but true, ended up with sore wrists and a deafening headache.
    Not to mention that if you let the gutless lardy beast anywhere near dropping a footpeg on the ground they snap off just about as soon as it is suggested. Maybe the new model is awesome, I just haven't tried it yet.
    So I guess if it was me and I had to choose from the two Kwakas it would be the greek god of gas heaters, either that or buy a real beamer if you prefer a tourer.
  13. You'll go barmy on the Vulcan, at least the GTR turns corners. That's where my money would be going, it'll let you get a wiggle on from time to time, and will actually be a lot more comfortable than the Vulcan. You'd have to be satisfied with mincing around the place posing to get along with the cruiser, and I know you - you'll want to have a crack at that driveway or that falling water road near your joint.
  14. please edit the title, Bob.

  15. Re: Oh the Huge Manity

    Yeah. Mine is old and slow enough I have no troubles keeping up with teh average 600cc sportsbike IN THE TWISTIES........

    So teh bike didn't suit your posture. Too bad you didn't spend a few dollars for an aftermarket screen, makes all teh difference.
    I've owned one for 3 years, let it fall over a couple of times and haven't broken anything on it.
    Hardly gutless either. Either the one you rode was way out of tune or you can't ride very well.
    How's this for gutless.
    Look at the flat torque curve. Useable power everywhere.
    Bear in mine the bike was designed in 1986.
    These bikes will still do a mid 12 second pass on teh quarter mile, which STILL puts them mid pack amongst current sports tourers (real sports tourers, you know, ones with bags!).

    The GTR has an amazing number of aftermarket parts available for it, a beautifully sweet engine/gearbox and very nice handling. Throw about $400 at the suspension and you'll transform the bike.
    The cornering ability of these bikes is very surprising, they will get right over and don't mind rough surfaces at all. In fact, the tighter the turns get the more they like it.
    Don't listen to me though, I've only owned and worked on one for 3 years....best to listen to the uninformed opinions of idiots who have only ridden one around teh block.

    Regards, Andrew. :LOL:
  16. Having seen Andrew's bike, close up, and in action, and having recently pursued a vigorously-punted and full-loaded example up Macquarie Pass, I can but agree with him :).
  17. I have had 2 GTR1000 and I agree with Andrew, except that I
    never threw money at the bikes.

    Improved the horsepower heaps by grinding the restrictors out of the
    carb tops ('89 models onwards) (Andrew have you done this?
    Dyno chart looks like you might not have).

    Improved the suspension with just new shock oil.

    Improved the windscreen by cutting off the top 3" with the curl, and by
    using spacers and longer screws to make a small amount of air flow
    under the screen.
  18. Re: Oh the Huge Manity

    Uninformed? You c0cksmoker!

    300kg plus your lardass and only 85 hp a 12 sec pass is only happening in your wet dreams buddy. LMAO. :LOL:
  19. My 2c worth of armchair psychology - someone who enjoyed a VTR still has a few steps before they're ready for a cruiser - go the GTR ;)
  20. Or get a Bandit!!!