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Oh, thats what the "Whirly Bird" signal means.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by papermate, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I ride to work just about everyday. I usually make my way along Victoria Rd (NSW) and head over the Anzac bridge and make my way into the city. Now I ride a ZX2R which, whilst at high revs, a great deal of concentration and alot of will power will impress myslef at its abilities.

    Now, I have golden rules about my bike riding, to ensure that i am being as safe as i can with my enthusiastic riding. I usually dont lane split moving traffic, no blind corners, double white lines etc...

    Now I picked up this guy on the GSXR about Ryde and we played a nice game of cat and mouse, nothing illegal, (expect we probably did self extend the speed limit at our own discretion at times...) and we were having fun. I was trying my hardest to keep up with him, and keep my revs under the 10k mark, so that it didnt look like i was trying too hard.

    Anyone who rides a 250 knows that you can be in 3rd gear at 14k rpm and a 1982 Datsun Sunbird has the ability to overtake you. Meantime your right wrist is turned so much your elbows is scraping the ashpelt an your bike sounds like its pulling Mac 10, but unfortunately this is not the case.

    Anyway, we proceed to through Balmain, and turn left (the 3 lanes that sweep down to the Anzac Bridge) and a big smile comes on my face. Despite the ponies of the GSXR ive found myself in the right 3rd lane, with a beautiful line, whilst the GSXR is stuck in the middle behind a cage. Now, he sees me in the mirror, and despite my best efforts to smoothly keep the line and pull a perfect exit he gives it a twist and pulls out in front of me make his way up the Anzac bridge towards the city.

    Now, traffic is sort of starting to appear, but i come flying up and we chop and change, over the bridge - indicating, so that we appear to be law abiding citizens.

    So, then we pass the Chanel 10 station, with the wonderful NOVA sign on top and ive managed through excellent lane placement to find my self overtaking the GSXR. However, he once again gives it a squirt and pulls up next to me and raises his left hand in the air.

    He starts twirling his finger around, as if to motion that we should do another lap. Now im thinking, what the hell is wrong with this guy?? I mean we are on the Anzac Bridge, how the hell are we going to turn around and do that run again. So I sort of pull up forward again, thinking no, thanks, im going to ride on, and he pulls in front and does the bloody whirly bird thing.

    What a dickhead. Honestly, how can someone think that I would attempt a reckless attempt to do a uturn on the Anzac Bridge to complete another little game of cat and mouse.

    Now as we round the corner you can do one of two things.

    1. go left toward harbour bridge.

    2. go right to the city.

    He goes right, now at this point ive got to admit we both had been lane splitting with and communcating with the hand signals. Alhtough he seems to have given up on me, but as i round the corner - what do i see?

    A lovely man on a BMW with blue and white stickers obviously looking intensing in his mirrors. First thing i thought was, man he's got to be cold, he wasnt wearing a jacket.

    Then i thought, he's probably got handle bar warmers, so he should be right.

    Then i thought i should probably cut across the white lines and go left and left the GSXR with the lovely man on the BMW.

    God Im stupid. Ive given the whirly myslef before.
  2. You make the mundane so entertaining; thanks for the giggles :LOL:

    Anyone who rides a 250 knows that you can be in 3rd gear at 14k rpm and a 1982 Datsun Sunbird has the ability to overtake you. Meantime your right wrist is turned so much your elbows is scraping the ashpelt an your bike sounds like its pulling Mac 10, but unfortunately this is not the case

  3. hahahaha.

    i can so see me sitting there, thinking wtf is he doing....?

    then the lights start flashing... :? :grin:

    (note to self: dont type while on the phone --> excessive typos )
  4. Nice writing man.

    ...but yeah, index finger spiraling in the air generally means:

  5. Haha, cool post.
    I think hitting the top of your helmet with your hand as a fist is a better signal for police.
  6. One you think that it does mean turn around. Why can't people just pat their head!
  7. I know what it means.

  8. Now, if we can just graft a spinner legally to the top of a helmet :p
  9. a few of my co-workers are deaf, so ovr the year and a half ive been working here, ive become quite good at the ol' sign language.

    it always makes me laugh if i wrong someone on the road, and sign to them sorry (open hand, palm infront of face, wave it left to right a few times) the looks they give back.

    im just like fcuk, they dont know what im doing and now think not only can i notdrive, but im crazy.
  10. whirly bird is definitely a turn around or round up gesture.
    fist ontop of helmet is cops (probably because it looks like a siren)
  11. Re: Oh, thats what the "Whirly Bird" signal means.

    After all that and you've used it yourself?!! :LOL: Sounds like it was a fun ride.
  12. As I was coming down from mount glorious the other morning I was given the slow down by a fellow rider coming in from the other direction. He did it by putting his left hand out and making an up and down motion, sort of like he was patting a dog on the head. I worked out what it was straight away, thought it was cool and did it to the next 3 riders I saw LOL!

    Mostly people seem to give it the old whirly bird. I don't see how this would be confusing as it's usually from people coming in the other direction, and why would they be telling you to turn around?

    Flashing lights has been outlawed too hasn't it? Or do the cops just "keep an eye out" for it?
  13. So which is it that most people use for cops? Whirly bird thing or fist on helmet? I have yet to see either myself.
  14. about 10 to 15 from the end, there is series of drawings explaining each signal. the author reckons you pat the top of your head for police(?) while the whirly bird is meant to indicate turning around, which seems to make sense...
  15. I've always seen and given the whirly bird (index finger whirling) to indicate police presence. Its mimicking the (old) whirlwig blue and red lights going round and round.

    ...who the hell says 'turn around' to a stranger... in a gay bar perhaps.
  16. That one in particular means slow down, not necessarily a cop, but there could be some other hazard...
  17. There was a copper on a BMW hiding behind a bus stop just around the corner ;)
  18. Yep, means a cop is about. If I get any odd sign from a rider I assume it's a copper alert, unless I've been riding like a w$%ker.....
    Nice yarn tho..!