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Oh-that was your bike? (Jones strip)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by shovelRob, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. now that one was funny.

    are you able to create ONE thread and put all updated comics in there? it's just confusing with you having a new thread every time there's a new one up. harder to keep track.
  2. Thanks. Will absolutely do that. It also keeps down on forum clutter.

    I appreciate the reads! Monday I didn't post anywhere, really because I was pretty unimpressed with it. Today I felt better about.
  3. the previous one wasn't too bad. I loved your easter one by the way.

    Are you trying to do one everyday? or just every so often?
  4. I was once a week last year (Wednesdays) and went to Monday and Thursday Jan 3 this year. Last week I bumped it up to Mon-Wed-Friday. Well, that's what day it is here, anyway. I think today is Thursday for you. Sunday was a quick aside, honoring the Easter celebration (glad you liked it!).

    I'm putting story telling ahead of art in some ways and have reduced the amount of detail so I can keep up the pace. I teach digital art at a local high school and also do the Saturday detention hall, so the strip happens after my family goes to sleep.

    Keep your eye on the cop in today's strip, Longarm. He becomes important in interesting ways as we move forward.

    Thanks for reading!
  5. Definitely the best one yet, it's obvious that your talents are coming through, thanks for sharing them Rob, and yes maybe a single thread with updates or even embedding the comics using the image tags
    like below
  6. I LOL'd!
    Definitely getting better...